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Welcome internet dudes! Today I am hosting the 16th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival! To increase your cool factor, you should submit your blog article to the next edition using the carnival submission form.

TB’s Favorite — Because it’ s a story about snakes, which is pretty cool: Mrs PoP @ Planting Our Pennies  writes Red On Yellow Kill A Fellow – The PoP’s like nature, but when a little too much nature came slithering in their backyard, they had to make some decisions. Did they make the right ones?


Penny Thots @ Penny Thots writes How to Get White Teeth Without the Costly Treatments – Chemical teeth whitening is much cheaper than it used to be and deals are often available on discount sites like Groupon, but it’s still not cheap and involves all sorts of nasty chemicals, so if you prefer to keep things more natural there’s a lot you can do at home to achieve that big white Carrie Bradshaw smile.


Melissa @ Mom writes The Organic Thrifty Food Grocery Challenge: Update #2 – For one year, I will be tracking how much I spend to feed my family of 5 a mostly organic diet. My goal is to spend no more on average than the USDA’s thrifty food plan allotment, which is a $156 a week.

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes Considering Switching Careers – People are now changing jobs more than ever. In addition to just shifts to different employers, people are also entirely switching careers more than in the past. So how does a person decide to switch careers?

Robert @ Entrepreneurship & Life writes Key Success Motivators – As a leader, if you want to motivate, you need to seek out and identify the key success motivators of your direct reports. By leveraging those ideals, you can get your employees to work harder since the reward is intrinsically greater. Here are the top measures of success, and how you can use that to motivate.


Timothy Artisan @ Wealth Artisan writes Famous Entrepreneurs List – Famous Entrepreneurs List- Who is the most famous entrepreneur? Most lists only go based on net worth, but there is more to entrepreneurial fame than net worth. Our famous entrepreneurs list is based on Google Popularity, Facebook Popularity and Twitter Popularity. See who got the top spot on our Famous Entrepreneurs List!

Steve @ Brip Blap writes Should You Tip? – If you’re careful with your money, you probably face an occasional dilemma of how much to tip various people in service positions. Tipping is an uncomfortable activity for most, and even more uncomfortable for someone who relies on them for a living.


Steve @ Canadian Personal Finance writes 40 question checklist you need to ask before you buy a house – Here is a checklist of questions to ask your realtor before making an offer to buy a house.

Steven @ Grocery Alerts writes Family of 5 with a $200-300/month grocery budget. How can it be done? – Here is how we managed having a grocery budget of $300/month or less each month for a family of 5. I wanted to share 10 ways how we did this and sharing how you can to!

MR @ Money Reasons writes Paying Off Your Mortgage Is Like Having A Second Job Income Without Working – Once you pay off your mortgage,you are an instant saver of the amount you use to spend on the mortgage. It’s similar to a second job but without working!

Lance @ Money Life & More writes Our Debt Pay Down Strategy – Debt is no fun. I think everyone can agree with that! Before we get into our strategy of paying our debt down I feel like you need to know what our debt consists of. My girlfriend and I have over $100,000 in debt but honestly I’d say we’re pretty lucky.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Why Do Poor People Have Two or More Flat Screen TV’s? – Poor people in the U.S. own just as many flat screen TV’s as the middle and wealthy classes. This begs the question of whether social inequality is really as bad as it seems.

Jacob @ I Heart Budgets writes How To Save Money: Billing Mistakes (Part 3) – Do you find that your money is disapperaing too fast. You might be over-paying your bills. Check out how to save money by catching and correcting billing mistakes. Part 3 covers hotel charges and project materials invoices.

Echo @ Boomer & Echo writes How Much House Can I Afford? – There’s an important difference between how much house can I get approved for, and how much house can I afford? Here’s why:

Young @ Young And Thrifty writes The Cost of a Family Cottage or Cabin – An in-depth look at the “Canadian Dream” today of owning a cottage. It can be pricey so we look at your costs as well as your options.

Paul Vachon @ The Frugal Toad writes How to Use Online Coupons to Save Money – Every year thousands of deal-hunters dive through ads and even wait in long lines to take advantage of a true bargain. By overlapping online shopping with online coupons, you can get the same deals or better, in the comfort of your own home.

Grand Per Month @ Grand Per Month writes How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Softball Umpire – If you are looking to make some extra money, want to enjoy the outdoors, and like softball, maybe becoming a softball umpire is just what could make you a grand per month.


Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Using Kids Crafts to Teach the Gift of Giving – It was fun making my practice stepping stone. As I worked on it, I pictured by grand children laboring with love over smoothing the concrete and decorating their stone and I anticipated the lift they will get from presenting it to their Mom (as well as the pleasure she will derive from getting a special gift from her kids). For a total cost of less than $3.00, I made a garden stepping stone.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes New Motivation for a House: I Want a Dog – I haven’t lost focus of what I want: a house. Now I seem to have even more motivation to reach that goal sooner than later; I want a dog!


Edward Antrobus @ Edward Antrobus writes Flatbread Tuna Melt – What’s better than a tuna melt? A tuna melt on flatbread! I made this one with the traditional Indian naan, but any thick flatbread will work.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes 5 Ways to Afford Organic Food on a Budget – I have spent the last 6 months eating exclusively organic, due to a health condition, and my grocery bill was obscenely high. Here are various strategies I developed to lower my grocery budget while still eating organic and healthy.

Melissa @ Bargaineering writes Mock Applebee’s Chicken Wings and Walnut Blondie with Maple Butter Sauce – I love cooking, and I especially love finding ways to make my favorite restaurant food at home. I feel like I have somehow outsmarted the system. I can make a great, restaurant quality meal at home for my whole family for the price of one entree and tip at the restaurant. This week, my focus is on Applebee’s.

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