Work Stoppage for a Protest

Sometimes when we have a job site to go to, city events get in our way. Like yesterday, a big protest in the city got us kicked out of our job site.

Protestors shutting down work for many people who work in the city

My buddy and I had a pretty regular, not-too-exciting job to do yesterday in an apartment building in the city. There was a hidden security camera in the building — well, it was behind a double-sided mirror, so someone with half a brain would know it was there — so that residents could see who was coming into their building. The camera was being replaced, and so it was taken out and a new one installed somewhere else.

For my buddy and I, we had to go in there and fix the drywall where the original camera had been (because now there was a giant hole in the wall). It was regular 5/8″ drywall, and the job itself was pretty boring. Except for one thing… when we were mostly done for the day, we were told not to come back until a big protest in the city was over.

I guess the building managers are concerned about the safety of the residents during all the protesting activities. They’re worried that workers might accidentally leave the backdoor open or something, which could mean protestors could get inside.

Actually, there are cops everywhere in the city right now, their cars line some streets. They have 10 foot temporary barrier fences to keep protestors in control in some places, it’s like a madhouse of law enforcement.

It’s sort of exciting, but it also means that I can’t do any of my jobs in the city because it’s hard to get in right now, and so many clients are holding off on work until the protesting ends!

Drywall fixed...out of sight, out of mind

Old camera removed



Work Stoppage for a Protest — 8 Comments

    • Yeah this protest has been going on for a couple days now, and is supposed to go on for many more. The police presence is big, but as long as things stay peaceful, they can’t make anyone leave!

    • Energetic is a good word to describe the atmosphere! It’s a change up to the work routine for sure, but it is too bad when a job doesn’t get finished because of it.

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