Work Boots For a Man’s Job

I said before how my Red Wing boots are one of my top 5 must-haves for me in my job. I didn’t lie, they are a must-have because they’re the most durable work boot out there.

But being the most durable boot out there doesn’t mean that it’s the best it could be. It’s like saying the guy whose 50 pounds overweight is the most ripped guy in the room. That might be true, but it still ain’t great!

Red Wing Work BootsI go through probably 6 pairs of Red Wings a year. About every 2 months they get torn up. I take them to the cobbler so he can fix the soles, but that only fixes them up for a short time.

Recently I decided to take my Red Wings back to the store after they got torn up quickly. The store says that these boots are the best for the working man, and they are the best that I can find. But I went in and complained anyway. I’m sick of buying new boots all the time! They’re expensive!

The guy was surprised at how worn they were when I told him how recently I bought them. He asked what I did for a living. I told him I do construction.

He nodded and said that that was the reason. That kind of job tears up boots fast.

I told him that these boots are supposed to be made for that exact kind of job! Shouldn’t they last longer?

He didn’t really have a good answer.

Any people out there interested in starting a new business? There’s an open market for good, durable work boots! And I don’t mean work boots for the guy who builds his own deck once in his life and thinks he needs good boots to do it, I mean durable work boots for the dudes who work construction every single day! The best boots out there don’t last us more than a couple months!


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  1. What is getting torn up on these boots? Is it the soles, specifically? I understand that recently kevlar is being used in tractor tires to keep them from getting ripped up by the stronger stalks of GM corn.

    Sounds like you need something similar.
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  2. Hmmmmm….something isn’t right. Back in the day I used to work in a steel yard…very demanding for work boots. The Company used to provide one pair free a year as long as they had steel toes. I used to buy Knapp shoes and they wore like iron. As a matter of fact I dug a pair out today and wore them to do some tree work. I bought them in ’79…not pretty but still work well and still fit. Red Wing used to be a good name…AND they’re not cheap…You shouldn’t be buying a pair every 60 days…no matter what you do for a living….Sounds to me like it’s time to write a letter.

  3. are you swinging from the scafold by your toes? I worked as a carpenter for years and bought cheap walmart boots and made them last for a year or more….

  4. Maybe this is an opportunity to get complimentary work boots in exchange for reviews on each pair? I am sure there are review sites out there but it never hurts to ask?

    Part of me wonders if you are getting counterfeit Red Wing boots? They have such a long history of quality/workmanship the fact that yours are falling apart so quickly makes me suspicious?

  5. Does Red Wing have an official facebook or twitter account? A simple “why are my red wings wearing out in 60 days” and a bitlink to your blog could have incredible results. Many corporations seem to pay close attention to their facebook or twitter accounts, probably because so many people see it. … As compared to you calling their customer service number, which nobody will ever know about except for you and them (and maybe us readers).

    Many people seem to have excellent customer service stories from facebook or twitter postings. As I recall, Financial Samurai wrote a post about getting immediate positive results from his natural gas company after a twitter post with their handle on it linking to his blog writeup. I’ve read about positive results from twitter on as well. Actually, you should get your story to They pick up stories exactly like this all the time.

    Besides, you are Red Wing’s icon customer. … A real ‘blue collar workman’, it says so right at the top of the page, so it must be true. Regardless of who their real buyers are, you’re the icon image of the guy they want to keep happy.

  6. oop! I think the URLs in that last effort made it crash. Let’s try again:


    Holy mackerel…Red Wings are expensive!

    Years ago (a LOT of years ago…) the ex- had a client who owned a shoe store for working men. I remember that guy saying Red Wings were the top of the line.

    Hmmm…. At Contractor Talk, there’s a thread on work boots: www dot contractortalk dot com slash f59 slash most-comfortable-work-boots-91829 . One guy there says about Red Wings, “just be sure their the made in the USA ones.” Could be some of the Red Wing models are made in good ole Asia?

    Here’s another page where commenters make the same remark; they also point to yet another site where they claim to be getting better products: americanrightsatwork dot org slash blog slash 2012 slash 04 slash 02 slash union-made-red-wing-shoes
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