Why Construction Workers Harass Chicks

Harass is a big word, maybe it should be “holla at chicks” instead. And why do blue collar dudes, like myself, holla at chicks?

We just want to let you know that you’re hot.construction harassing_1

That’s pretty much it. So if you’re a chick and you’re out and a construction worker gives you a holler, you can react anyway you want to him, but in your head, you should probably take the compliment. We’re letting you know that you’re a fine lookin’ woman.

You’re welcome.

What I Usually Say

When I’m at a job site and there’s 10s of workers all lined up along the street on lunch break and a cute chick walks by, I don’t say anything. They’re getting stared at and called at by a whole bunch of dudes, it’s probably a bit much for her, so I try to not even look at her.

When it’s a small job site or not that many dudes are around, I usually say, “Hey beautiful.” Sometimes they say nothing and keep walking, and sometimes they say, “Hey handsome.” And that’s pretty much it. If they don’t respond to me and ignore me, I don’t do anything about it. That’s their choice and they have the freedom of speech just like me.

When Construction Workers Cross the Line construction harassing_3

There’s one ethnic group in specific that I think crosses the line more often than anyone else. They get aggressive sometimes with the whistling and kissy noises. I think it’s kinda gross, but I don’t say anything. My line might not be someone else’s line.

And unless one is outright attacked, a woman can take care of herself.

What if it Was My Daughter?

If I was walking with one of my daughters and some dude whistled, I’d get pissed. Mostly because I’m right there, are you an idiot?!

If one of my daughters was walking alone and got holla’d at, it doesn’t bother me. They can handle themselves. They’re big girls now.

construction hollering_2Why Don’t White Collar Dudes Holla at Chicks?

I don’t see dudes in business suits hollering at hot chicks, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t in their off time. And if they don’t, I don’t know why, maybe they don’t have any nuts and don’t know how to talk to chicks. Hard to say.

How many people have I offended with this post? If you think I’m a tool for hollering at cute chicks, you’ve got free speech and can tell me in the comments, I won’t filter you out. And if you think it’s radical to the max, you can let me know that too.


Why Construction Workers Harass Chicks — 17 Comments

  1. I love getting ‘hollered at’. I’m smiling inside and out. I’ve never felt threatened so I take it as a compliment.

    • Yeah I think it can depend on exactly what’s happening. Which is why when there’s lots of us working, I don’t say anything, it seems like a bit much.

  2. IMHO a woman should not have to feel glad when she hits 40 and is no longer attractive enough that men yell lewd comments at her, try to follow her around, and even try to get her into their cars. That was the story of my life.

    The Great Desert University, where I worked or went to graduate school most of my adult life, was (and still is) always under construction. I couldn’t walk across the campus without being subjected to catcalls, always suggestive and sometimes obscene. This was true of every woman I knew there.

    It happened anywhere I walked up a sidewalk. Men would yell at me out of passing cars and trucks, holler from construction sites, and even stop their vehicles to pester me. Interestingly, this ended after I got a German shepherd and began taking her with me everywhere I could. What they thought a dog could do to them as they were driving past at 40 mph escapes me…apparently a woman alone is fair game, but even the presence of an animal takes her out of the “alone” category.

    I do not recall one man ever saying “Hello, beautiful.” I do recall sucking noises, kissy noises, grunting noises, hooting noises, and explicit comments on my breasts, butt, genitals, and sex life. I did not dress seductively — in public, I wore the dowdiest clothes I could find. I never had a pretty face, but I did have one helluva figure, something that can’t easily be hidden if you’re not given to draping yourself in a burqa.

    The ethnic group in question, at the time, was usually white European.
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    • Yeah, it can get bad out there, that I know. I can’t really defend when dudes are making sucky noises and following you around and stuff.

  3. I think it all depends on the nature of the cat calls. I don’t get them now that I’m older, but I did get some shouts/whistles when I was younger. If the tone was friendly, it didn’t bother me as much as when the person was lewd. Either way I usually ignored them so I didn’t invite any further contact.
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  4. On most of the job sites I have worked don this was not allowed, in fact you could be fired for it……one labor on a big job said he was told after even looking at anyone for more than nine seconds was harassment….

  5. I work in more of a blue collar environment (although ironically enough we wear wite), with the majority of workers being male. I have been cat called several times and to be honest, it bothered me. I almost would rather have been stared at, than been called at. I ignored them for the most part, but it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and had to report them. One guy still try and says hi, but I ignore him. I just can’t be bothered with their foolishness. They also creep me out.
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  6. You can’t justify doing something that makes most women uncomfortable because 10% of them are okay with it. By doing this you only acknowledge a woman based on how she looks. It makes me feel disgusting and objectified. When one guy checks me out glances quickly and looks away thats fine, but when I walk by a row of 10-15 construction workers and they all stare at me without any subtly whatsoever I am tempted to walk the other direction. I respect that you took the time to explain your thinking, but you don’t have the right to comment on whether its okay or not because you don’t know what it feels like to be a woman and experience that on a daily basis. I’m not a extremist in any sense of the word, and I appreciate a nice compliment. But I would never want to be alone in a room with the men who look at me like that. I urge any man reading this to try and be more empathetic. Of course there are women who will fit the stereotypes and act inappropriately just as other men do, but this daily objectification does not need to be the norm. No person should feel like that, and if we keep pushing to change societal norms it can improve as it already has.

  7. Ugly, dumb losers invading my space is an insult, not a compliment. It’s like that fattest, ugliest woman getting in your face every day. or that’s a bad example, I guess, because you morons actually like fat, ugly women… Hm. Imagine then a big tranny or the most flamboyant gay man cat calling at you everyday. But ones that are bigger than you, like the Rock, and could kick your ass. Would you really take it as a compliment? Doubt it. especially if it happened to you everyday. Wouldn’t you just want to yell “I’m not gay, so leave me alone!” But if you did, the men would threaten and gang up on you. Well that’s how most women feel (those of us without major daddy issues). I mean, we just aren’t into poor, blue collar street trash. Don’t you get it yet? Or do you, and you continue to annoy us because you know we’re higher up on the societal ladder than you, and you think this will take us down a notch? (Yes. We know we’re better than you). It will never work, so just give up. Maybe you should try to climb higher, get some class, rather than tear others down you your lowly level of insignificance. Losers.

    • I said that I wouldn’t filter out anyone’s opinions on this. So, thank you for your opinion. Free speech, free speech for all.

  8. When I see dudes doing this to ladies on the street, I feel ashamed to be a guy. If you’re on the clock at your job act like a professional. If you’re out in public act like a civil, decent human being.

    Suggesting anything sexual to a stranger who is just trying to get from point A to point B is downright creepy

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