When Snow Piles Up

During the winter any time it snows, my eyes probably yoink out of my head in excitement because this is when I can make extra money.  Christmas presents for the girls go from a hopeful thing to a real thing for my wife and me when it snows.

On one snow this past winter, early in the morning I got my plow warmed up and went out.  I’ve got a couple regular people that I plow their driveway for or small businesses that I plow their parking lot for.  But I’m always looking for new business so when I heard from this small restaurant owner that he wanted me to plow his parking lot, I headed right over.  I went inside and talked with the owner about where he wanted the snow piled and we agreed on a fair rate.  He pointed out his car and the car of the cook (who was also there) to make sure I wouldn’t hit their cars with the plow.  (I’m nice when people do this kind of thing, but I always am thinking, “Shut the heck up dude, I know what I’m doing!”)

This particular lot took about ½ hour to plow and when I was done I went inside to get paid.  The owner immediately told me that he wasn’t going to pay me because I didn’t pile up the snow in the right place.  I told him that I put it where he told me to, but he said that I didn’t.  I saw the cook in the back rolling his eyes at the owner, and knew that this kind of thing was probably common.  I argued with him for a little bit, but I had another plow-job to get to, so I just left.  Of course it was later that I learned that this guy is known among contractors, plow drivers, and other people who fix things up to be a real tight-wad.  He almost never pays what he says and always pays late if he does pay, and no one has taken him to court on it yet because doing that costs too much and takes too much time!

I was so upset that I couldn’t resist a little revenge on the guy though.  Before I went to my next job, I took all the snow that I had plowed in his lot and piled it up around his shiny Beamer.  I didn’t put any on the car, I just surrounded the car with a huge wall of snow.

Check out the update to this story: “Justice is Served up to a Restaurant


When Snow Piles Up — 12 Comments

    • Hi Marianne – I didn’t think of that, but your’re right, that boss probably did make some poor employee shovel him out. Now I feel a little bad!

      • Don’t feel bad! I just know because that’s what my boss would do… :) At least he had to waste an employee’s time shoveling instead of making him more money. And the employee was probably happy to get out of his direct presence for awhile- probably dragged the chore out nice and long so he could stay outside a bit longer.

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  4. OK just found you blog and am liking it so far…the snow job was classic…..i too was a working man blue collar …carpenter, plumber, labor (mostly) union non and union again…I have worked for several bosses and love/hated each one ….i (we) raised five children and now have 12 grandchildren…..made some mistakes along the way but the best was to stick with the carpenter union long enough to get a small pension, also spent 20 years in the natl’ guard, so small pension….now I swing hammer when and where I want ….after two years of unemployment took my pensions and walked …as well I work part time at our local hardware and love it….cut fire wood and play with grandchildren….i also write a weekly column for our paper and have for over 20 years much of the tales are like yours the life of the working stiff…hope to catch up and follow along…take care…

    • It’s great to have a fellow blue collar dude come by! I hope to get where you are someday, doing some work when/where I want. Let me know if you ever want to guest post here — I can’t pay, but blue collar stories from a seasoned veteran are definitely welcome!

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