What’s This Blog About?

From the name and the tagline up top, you can probably guess what this blog is about.  But in case you want more information…

I (stupidly) dropped out of highschool and became a working man early on in life.  I did eventually go back to get my GED and I’ve since gotten into a workers union.  Getting an early start on being a blue collared worker has given mToolse a lot of aches and pains (the financial outlook for blue collared workers isn’t so great!), but it has also given me a lot of stories.

I have lots of stories of bosses and regular work gripes, but also stories about what it’s like financially, socially, physically, and mentally to weld, hammer, pour, clean, fix, demolish, build up, break down, solder, plow, and shovel your way through life.  The way people treat those who serve them is sometimes wonderful, but often just terrible, and I can tell those stories.  I also have lots of advice about repairs, maintenance, and fixing things that I can help people with — so I hope to include a lot of those things too!.

I also want to give a holla to my sister who helps me with the site and teaches me about blogging stuff–thanks little sis!


What’s This Blog About? — 7 Comments

  1. Found your blog after reading your comment on the personalfamilymoney.com blog. I’m looking forward to reading your stories. Best of luck with everything and I hope you fingers heal quickly!

    • Thanks man, I appreciate it. Your story about turning change into a ceiling fan makes me want to search through the couch cushions for lost change!

  2. Keep on chuggin and your kids will have plenty of stories to read. Not only will they see what their father went through they can have a new appreciation for you. I wrote a post about my dad teaching me to be a handyman and after he read it he called me telling me he was so proud to be my dad and that all those years of working with him he didnt think I paid attention. Good work I love the flow and layout of your site.

  3. Hi TB! You posted a comment on my blog and I thought I’d come over and check out your blog. I’m looking forward to reading your posts! My hubby is a heavy equipment operator, so he is definitely a blue collar guy, too.

    • Thanks for coming by, I appreciate it! Send your husband by too, if he’s ever got some great blue collar tales, let him know he can always do a guest post. :-)

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