What Your Work is Worth — The Finale

A dollar raised is a dollar earned

I started talking about how I wanted a raise a few posts ago with “What Your Work is Worth — Part 1“. I wanted $3/hr raise and my boss said, “How about $1.50/hr now and $1.50/hr later?”  I agreed but never saw anything.

Well my friends, I finally got my raise!

I was going to talk with my boss every week until I got what he promised (a better idea than e-mailing, thanks Money Guy Zack!), but yesterday my boss took care of it for me.

He called me into his office before I went out on a job for the day.  Before I even sat down he said that he was going to give me a $1/hr raise.  The way he said it, I knew it wasn’t time for negotiating, so I said thanks and got out.

I know $1/hr isn’t the $3/hr raise I wanted, but it’s still something!  Man am I grateful for it, because, a buck is a buck.



I was waiting for a raise while Daisy over at Add Vodka was waiting for a job…. and I got my raise and she got her job! Awesome week for all!


What Your Work is Worth — The Finale — 16 Comments

    • I’ll definitely have to wait a few months, things are so tight — but I was promised a full $3/hr raise, so I think in maybe a few months or 6 months I’ll ask for the other $2/hr I was promised!

  1. Congrats on the raise! My brother was happy about a 3% raise today but prefaced it with “only.” Any raise is a great thing.

    There isn’t much better to get paid tomorrow for doing the exact same thing you did yesterday…for less.

  2. Sounds like your boss is dangling the twinky infront of your nose. Be glad you got the buck, its better than nothing. In the construction world its sooooo cut throat. Good luck brother! Keep your head up!!

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