What Your Work is Worth — Part 2

A big reason my boss hired me is because I can weld.  Before me, he couldn’t take any welding contracts because none of the guys knew how and hiring out of company would’ve cost so much money.  On the welding jobs we get, he usually tells me about getting a bonus if I finish early and under budget… it’s like a job bonus carrot.

This one welding job was that I had to widen a ramp by 12 inches.  So I had to make the form, which is the wood you put around where you’re going to pour concrete, and I had to pour the concrete (that’s what the picture is of).  Then I had to weld and build a railing to go with the ramp.  This was a 3’ x 16’ 3-tiered railing and I had to fabricate it on site from four 20’ long sections of tube.  And I was sent to the site alone to do it!  I was pretty impressed with myself.  But no bonus.

I’ve been waiting 2 years for a raise and he promised me a raise in September last year and so I’m going to email my boss every 2 weeks now, and then every week if I don’t see a raise.  They have lots of welding jobs now and I’m the only welder—they only get those jobs because of me!  My sister says that that’s leverage…I don’t know, I just know it’s time to get a raise.

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What Your Work is Worth — Part 2 — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t think sending emails will do any good. Those are too easy to delete. Stop by his office and remind him that he was able to get the welding job because of your skills. Also if he offers a split raise like he did in your first post in this series get him to put it into writing. Otherwise you’re not going to get squat. I really sounds like your boss is taking advantage of you and that sucks!

  2. I hear it too often. With this economy, it seems like the boss can always get (or force) people to do things because they have families and can’t afford to lose the job they have. Hope it works out for you.

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