What Your Work is Worth — Part 1

Back a couple years ago I had to take a non-union job because everyone was getting laid off from union work.  I wasn’t high enough on the totem pole, so I got laid off, too.  Back when my new job started, my boss promised raises.  He also would come to some of the job sites and say that if I did a good job, I’d get a bonus.  He said if I finished jobs early, they’d give me a bonus, too.  I did about 3 or 4 jobs good and busted my balls coming in under budget and on time, and I didn’t get jack.


If money talks, mine is asking for more friends

He’s been promising a raise for the past 2 years and here I am, still getting paid the exact same wage.  I know this is a typical complaint of blue collar guys.  No one really gets raises, but my boss is always driving some new car.

So September last year I went in and asked for a $3/hour raise.  My boss said, “How about $1.50/hr raise now and another $1.50/hr raise in February?”  I still haven’t seen anything.  And it sucks because when I was working for the union I was making twice what I do now with full benefits!  But now there’s no health insurance… well, they do offer $400/week insurance, but there’s just no way to pay for that when I’m making half as much as I used to!  They suggested state aide and all I could think was, “You can shut up with your Diesel Jetta on top of an F150 and a new Ford Flex for your wife!”  I’m actually not mad that he’s successful, but couldn’t he pay his employees better?


What Your Work is Worth — Part 1 — 7 Comments

  1. I agree with you about your situation. Nonetheless, you have to make decision. I’d do few things. I’d find out what skills are in demand, and learn one of them well. Next, I’d use that skill to make money. Once you start doing that, no one can stop you, no one!

  2. I agree with Shilpan.

    A man can increase his worth by learning.

    Earning is about creating a demand for your skill or learning the skill which has a huge demand supply gap. If you can become a person who cannot be replaced by any other at your job. If you can become someone who brings great profit then surely you can negotiate quite strongly.

    so work on yourself and things will begin to change. Become someone people would fight to hire.

    You have started this blog recently. Use this as a project to increase your value. Make this blog a great blog and One day you would be worth millions :)

    Your little stories touch hearts so keep blogging

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