What Working Nights Is Like

When I switched over from being a carpenter to a demolition man (hey, you gotta go

Demolition Man

It ain’t easy working the night shift

where the work is), I got dropped back to the bottom of the totem pole.

Being at the bottom of the totem pole again means that I had to start taking orders from someone else and had to do what I was told. It also meant that I had to start working the night shift.

A lot of demolition and construction companies have night shift workers so that regular people during the day don’t get bothered by the construction or have to hear it.

If you’ve never worked the night shift before, then you have no idea how sh**ty it is! And why is that?

  1. Your sleep gets all messed up.
  2. People call and knock on your door during the day when you’re trying to sleep.
  3. When you’re awake and ready to go to work at night, all your buddies and family are asleep.
  4. If you think waiting for the Cable dude to show up during the day is frustrating, try waiting for him in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping. That’s how it feels for night shift dudes and chicks!
  5. You want breakfast when everyone else is eating a late night snack.
  6. Can’t text or call anyone on the cell to shoot the sh*t during break because everyone you know is asleep.

And it’s tough on the family, too. My daughters would want to hang out and play games in the evenings, but working the night shift ruins that.

But I couldn’t complain much, man, because I had a job. And a job that was paying more than my last job. I couldn’t hang out with them much, but I knew I was still supporting my family.

But now the baby-wa-wa story is over! I’m back to working days! 5am – 2pm every day.

It’s awesome!! If you work a day job, don’t ever take for granted that you get to work during the day and sleep at night–it’s an awesome thing.


What Working Nights Is Like — 6 Comments

  1. Glad to see you’re back!

    Hmm…. If you’re willing to move and don’t mind a little 115-degree heat, contractors are hiring like crazy here in Phoenix. A lot of craftsmen either moved away or found new lines of work during the housing crash. They can’t find enough guys to fill the new openings: http://www.azfamily.com/news/Contractors-struggle-to-fill-open-jobs-in-Phoenix-220900401.html
    Funny about Money recently posted..TSP: Dishwasher Rises from the Dead!My Profile

    • Sounds pretty awesome! Well, for someone like me that is, not for people trying to find contractors. Not sure I can up and move the family right now, but thanks for the tip.

  2. Huh, quite new to the blog and am glad I have a day job! Literally.
    Going through that litany of the invertedness of the night shift opens your eyes to just how lucky one is.
    My key-take though and you bring it out beautifully, however hard things get, think about family and whats right with them and providing for them is high up on that list!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted..Personal Capital Review – Taking Investing To The Next LevelMy Profile

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