What It Means To Know Someone Personally

My sister spent a lot of time in the airport this holiday. In one airport there was an ad by some computer-type company that was showing all the ways their company/product was making the world better.

She sent me a photo she took of part of the ad and wanted to know what I thought. Here’s the photo: Every Doctor Knows You PersonallyWhat do I think? In a word: BS. Maybe BS isn’t a word, but you get the idea, dudes.

I think computer stuff can make it so that doctors can give eachother patient information all over the world, and doctors can put in there the personality of patients so that other doctors know. But other than that, has the world forgotten what knowing someone personally means?

Knowing someone personally means that you know them. Personally.

People I Know Personally:

My wife

My daughters

My mom

My extended family

My coworkers

Friends in my city

Highschool classmates

People I Cannot Possibly Know Personally:

A doctor I’ve never seen

A person I’ve never seen

Bloggers I’ve never seen

My sister’s friends in her city

Extended family I’ve never seen

It’s cool and all that doctors can share patient information with the internet and stuff, but they can’t claim to personally know patients they’ve never seen. That goes against what it means to know someone personally!

Corporate America trying to tell us what it means to know someone…. Man, it sucks.


What It Means To Know Someone Personally — 29 Comments

  1. Sadly healthcare is moving to performance based payments…and by advertising like this is it giving us the false sense of security that they really care about us deep down…no…the payment structures are now set up value based purchasing…they want the provider to get it right…and get it right the first time…

    • Not sure I understand what performance based payments are exactly. I definitely agree about advertising trying to make us feel like they really care about us, haha, yeah right!

  2. While I agree with your overall premise, I don’t think you necessarily have to occupy the same physical space with a person to know them personally. I have online friends that probably know me as well, if not better, than most of my “real-world” friends!

    • Ok I guess, but how long have the online people “known” you? With this online doctor thing, it sounds like you never interact with the doctor in any way, and they think they know us. You do probably know your online friends better than this online doctor advertisement, if only because at least you interact with your online friends!

  3. This is just more about a bigger problem around the world. We no longer know each other anymore. We rely on what facebook tells us and what we read on the internet. Most people don’t even know how to be social anymore. It is truly sad!

    • I didn’t bring that up or go that far, but it’s true! People don’t seem to know how to be social in person anymore, man, it’s all about online image and little tweets and facebook messages that are meaningless. Good point, man

  4. I totally agree but you know what? It works. If advertising didn’t work, no matter how crappy and untrue, it wouldn’t rule the world the way it does. Most people, unfortunately, don’t have the wits about them to devise how untrue it may be.

  5. Great post and I totally agree. We are becoming more and more disconnected. We rely on mediums now to keep us connected like email, facebook etc. We don’t phone we text etc. It is really a sad state of affairs. I think the next generation is going to reap the negative effects from this.

    • I think so too, and it’s really too bad. I try to make sure my girls hang out with their friends for real and join sports and we send them to summer camps… my wife and me do that becuase that’s what we did as kids, but actually, it’s probably a good way to fight all this ‘disconnected’ stuff too.

  6. Very true TB. Something is right with this picture and with my doctor knowing me personally. I don’t want to know my Dr. personally, I just want him to help make me well.

  7. Technology gives the impression that you know someone just because you have exchanged some emails. In my day, I know that sounds so old, I would form a relationship with people. That takes time and effort. I live in southern California, where everything is superficial. A place where the supermarket clerk exchange pleasantries as though they know you, but do not wait for your response. Social media is growing, but it should supplement personal relationships.

  8. That’s a really bad ad. I don’t think I would ever want my doctor to know me “personally.” Yes I want to physically see my doctor face to face in their office, but I certainly don’t want them jotting up notes about my personality and such in my file.

  9. I love that. Do I WANT every doctor to know me personally? “Hey, that Joe guy’s gotta weird mole on his back. Remember that guy?” Pass.

    The only real companies that know me are Dr. Pepper and Disney. They love me. Everyone else is pretending.

  10. You are spot on, Blue Collar Workman, and on multiple fronts. 1) It sucks that ‘corporate America’ tries to tell John Q Public what it means to know some one, 2) Corporate America in general sucks across the board, and 3) Healthcare — more appropriately sickcare — is all about money. I so despise the FACT that sickcare has greatly extended the average lifespan, i.e., it keeps a persons heart beating longer, BUT at what cost? The quality of life for most elderly people is unenviable. In my next life, I’d prefer to take my chances as a dog even though humans have screwed their lives up as well.

  11. yeah.. they aren’t going to know you PERSONALLY unless you develop a relationship over a period of time.. i *do* think that this is a worthwhile thing to do, btw. you should go talk to your doctor at least 1-2 times p/year, even if you aren’t sick, for a routine checkup and just to foster that relationship

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  13. So interesting. Edward Antrobus might have it right. I mean, look at the whole Manti Te’o thing…you know that kid out of Notre Dame. I am a high school teacher and I asked my students about knowing someone online and considering them to be close to you. They agreed that it was possible. But a doc reading a spreadsheet on you probably does not qualify…unless you friended him on Twitter (or wherever you ‘friend’ people)…..:)

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