What Happens to Kids Who Were Bullied?

I wrote awhile back about having to clean up homes after they get foreclosed on, and how sometimes the cops have to kick down the door so that we can get in and do the clean-up job.

I had to do another clean up last week of a home where the people were evicted. And like always, the home was locked up and the police had to come so that we could get in.

Bullied as a kid?

Bullied? Make your choice.

Depending on the county that you live in, the police have different rules about what they can and can’t do. In some counties, the police can’t kick your door in, they can only knock. And if you don’t let them in, they ask us to drill out the lock and replace it with no damage.

In other counties, like the one I was in last week, it’s a frickin’ joke. The police show up in full army fatigues, like they just got done blowing up Bin laden, and wham! They batter the door down with their big battering ram. They blow that battering ram through the door like punching through tissue, and then walk away like they’re so tough, “that area is clear, you can go in and remove their items now.”

I get that some parts of the city are tougher than others and they have to deal with shady people, but when they act like they’re so tough, I always think, “Looks like someone got beat up a lot in highschool?”

This always gets me frustrated because they have this attitude where they’re in charge and everyone must obey.

They were bullied as kids and now they’re finally getting their chance to be “the big man” and bully and push other people around. What happens to kids who were bullied? They become douche cops!

Not all cops are douches. I know a lot of them that are cool. And not all kids that get bullied become douche cops, some get over it and lead productive, happy lives.

But the kids that were bulled and become douche cops are stupid. They get this power trip and they look stupid doing it.


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    • That’s ridiculous that they wanted to be facebook friends. I’m glad you said no! Time does not always make everything better, jeez. You definitely did not turn out to be a douche anything, so that’s good, you sound like you took the well-adjusted route. :-)

  1. Haha become a douche cop? That had me laughing out loud. Great thoughts man.

    What’s interesting to me is that in one way I think bullying has gotten worse than ever with social media, reposting pictures, etc. Kids now can have a far reach with their voice. But my nephew and niece grew up near where I did. And kids are way nicer their now. I got in 7 fights in junior high. They don’t have to deal with that stuff. It seems like the times have gotten BETTER AND WORSE.
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  2. I have always felt this way. My neighborhood was extremely tough, and we used to always say that the cops in other neighborhoods who acted tough for no reason used to get beat up in school. I can see the ones in my city being tough, but when the most that you do is write traffic tickets or handle noise pollution calls, cut the tough guy act!
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  4. I think how a person reacts to being bullied largely depends on that person’s personality and character. I got bullied a lot when I was a kid because I was the fat kid, and smart. Ironically, one of my biggest bullies in elementary school is now my best friend. But the point I wanted to make was about too friends of mine, both named Jake. They were both bullied throughout school.
    Jake 1 joined the army after he graduated. He was the one I thought most likely to go wrong. He had a lot of anger in him about the bullying. Did a tour in Iraq, which scared the crap out of him. Army sent him to college afterward and now he’s a computer programmer in Oklahoma.
    Jake 2 seemed to do better in school and went immediately to college after graduating. But he did a better job covering how depressed and obsessive he was and got involved in some scary stuff himself and got arrested. He tries to put on a postive outlook, but I have to admit I get worried sometimes by how much he blames “the cops for ruining his life.”
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  5. It seems that the douche cops always are womanizers also. Like the power just goes to their heads. You can tell the ones because when they read the eye chart, they don’t say letters, but read the line like they were doing a license plate, “echo, bravo, tango, etc” I never considered that they might have been bullied in school. I wouldn’t say I was bullied in school, but I was a nerdy kid and our family was really religious, so I certainly didn’t fit in with the popular crowd. I always feel sorry for the geeky kids. If they could only see that high school is not the end all be all and not grow up to be a douche cop!
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    • Hahaha, the eye chart thing is funny…that’s exactly what I’d imagine, lol. The thing about highschool not being the be all and end all is very true–too bad more kids cant realize that.

    • I think bullying sucks, no doubt, and the way you grew up to handle it sounds like the best way! Use that experience and information to make you a better person as an adult — awesome! And you might even be able to influence some young people on why bullying sucks.

  6. Here’s my story (but I don’t think all cops are douche). I was waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. There are two lanes at this light: one to turn left and the other to drive straight or you could turn right.

    The cop who was right behind me got out of his car and walked over to my window. I rolled down my window and he asked where I was going. I pointed straight ahead. He continued by asking me if I was aware that I had my right turning signal on suggesting I was going to turn right at the red traffic light. I told him I don’t recall turning on that signal as it’s not on right now.He left and went back to his car.

    The point? I don’t know. I never had my right turning signal on. The thing is about the lane that I was in, very few cars continue straight through the light as across from it are a couple of buildings. The majority of people turn right. But he came across me as one of the few people who needed to be in one of those buildings. In that instance, I did think the cop was “abusing” his authority. Even if I had my right turning signal on (inadvertently)there’s no need to get out of your police car.
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  10. Bullying leads to anxiety and depression, which is anger turned inward. I was bullied in school and suffered from low self-esteem and anger, which turned to depression later in adolescence. It didn’t give me a thick skin, it made me a mess and I had to go through years of trial and error living to learn to forgive people and like myself. Bullying sucks.

  11. my name is Stephanie Schubert, and my struggle with bulyling was as real as it gets. it all started for me in middle school when girls would gang up on me for unknown reasons and call me fat, make fun of me and never leave me alone. it never stopped until i moved onto high school. My freshman year was great, i didnt have too many problems, was pretty much on good terms with everyone, and had a few really good friends. But sophmore year took a turn for the worse and the mean girls started to come out once again. i thought to myself, I can handle this, ive done it before i can do it again. but i dont think i was ready for the bulyling that was to come. It started out with rude comments in the hallways, or during class and then grew rapidly into death threats and physical threats. i belonged to a website called Formspring where you can ask people anonymous questions. instead of questions i was getting told to kill myself, that i was ugly, fat, and annoying. at first i brushed it off knowing of course that girls will be girls and i should just ignore it. ignoring it didnt help and quickly girls started coming up to me at school threatening to beat me up and one of the girls actually brought video cameras to tape the fight. my life was turning into a living hell all because these girls knew they could control it. the problems got so bad that i became really depressed. i would come home everyday from school balling my eyes out. me and my parents went to the principal and vice principal who did absolutley nothing and eventually to the police who wanted to help but couldnt. because the problems got so bad i switched schools. my problems havent followed me and im doing really well academically and i have great friends. you never know when somebody is going to bully you, and most of the time you probably wont know how to handle it. dont let yourself think you deserve it, or that its okay. nobody deserves to be treated like thier worthless. stand up to the the mean girls , tel somebody about what is happening and dont let them bring you down.

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