What Disney is Hiding From You

My family and I went to Disney World recently and I uncovered a few things that Disney tries to hide. With a blue collar guy on the scene, I saw their dirty little secrets!

My wife and I have been saving for a trip to Disney World for over a year now, and we recently finally  got to go. Our daughters, who we’ll call Belle and Jasmine, after their favorite Disney princesses, were bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Walking around Disney and going on the rides was fun, Disney really puts a lot of time and money into their park maintenance. That’s not exactly a hidden thing, but it is something I noticed. There aren’t spots where they scrimped on spending or “let things go.” What I could see of their construction and buildings was solid. Disney does not cut corners. Every inch of their parks are taken care of — garbage, trees, shrubs, buildings, paint — there isn’t a detail that they miss in maintaining those parks!  And that’s the way it should be, based on how much money it takes to get in there!

Can’t visit Disney without getting a mickey hat

Here’s the two things though that Disney hides from you.  After walking around the parks for a day, I asked Belle and Jasmine if they noticed anything.  Anything weird, anything noisy, anything that didn’t look nice.  Belle, the older one, thought about it more than Jasmine, but they both agreed, “no.” That just confirmed for me that Disney is damn good at what they do.

If you pay attention, Disney is spending a lot of time and money right now building new attractions or fixing up old ones. But they hide it from you in a couple clever little ways. That Walt Disney was no fool.

First, they don’t just start whistling while they work and building new attractions. What they first do is build a fence around their building site. And this isn’t a regular temporary fence, their fences are magically hidden. They have them painted in 3D sort of, so when you walk by, it looks like regular landscape back there and like there’s nice stuff that you could go back and see that way.  But actually, it’s a fence. Only after they’ve put up this perfect camouflage do they start building a new attraction.

But when you’re there during the day, you never hear drilling and hammering and shouting. And that’s because they only work on new attractions and building stuff in off hours! So when we’re tucked away in our beds with visions of goofy in our heads, is when they’re getting the construction going.

The other place I noticed them hiding things from us was in building new resorts. When we were there, we used these trams and stuff to get from one park to the next and when you’re riding along, you see nice landscaping and stuff. But I noticed that they’re actually building new resorts back there, but again, they’ve done a Genie-from-Aladdin trick, and hidden it all from you.

Before starting to build a new resort, Disney takes the time to put in big and awesome landscaping. Only after all that is up do they start building. The landscaping perfectly covers up your view of the construction.

Disney light show — Best light show I’ve ever seen!

All this hiding of construction and maintenance makes Disney awesomely nice. It helps make the whole thing worth the money because they don’t cut corners, they make everything just right and perfect, and so there’s no time when you go that you get screwed by ugly construction or crappy views. Their hiding of maintenance and construction makes Disney just amazingly fun and clean and perfectly magical. But of course, my blue collar eyes could see what they were really up to!

Two blue collar tips for a trip to Disney:

  1. For a family trip, get the meal plan they offer. It’s worth it.
  2. Watch out for double- and triple-wide strollers. They will freaking run you over!


Note to Disney: I’d be happy to accept money for reviewing your park.

Another note: This post was included in the Disney Blog Carnival – so head over and check it out!


What Disney is Hiding From You — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you for the reminder of my childhood trip to Disneyworld. They really do an awesome job of creating a memorable experience with very little to complain about. I guess they have to take those steps to maintain their reputation and create those lasting memories. I didn’t realize they do all their construction work during off hours. That’s pretty cool…but probably not so much for all those workers. I bet they get paid well though.
    Modest Money recently posted..Beginning of June 2012 Blog UpdateMy Profile

  2. LOL! That is a GREAT observation! When I was in high school we lived not far from Disneyland, and I remember observing exactly what you say. They were building some new “Land” (can’t recall which), and it was well hidden and disguised behind mounds of large trees and shrubbery.

    Double and triple strollers…heh heh heh! In those days we didn’t have artificial insemination, and so very, very few people had twins and triplets. Or strollers at all, come to think of it.

    Here’s another handy thing to know: If you’re lucky enough to get there when the weather is overcast, that’s the day to go to Disneyland. The tourists clear out when they think it’s going to rain (often in southern California it can look like rain but never release a drop), and so the park is half-empty and the lines are much shorter.
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  3. TB, I think you’d enjoy some of the books about how Disney does this sort of thing. Inside the Magic Kingdom is an awesome look at how Disney considers EVERY employee to be a janitor and pick up trash…including the CEO. I think it all starts with that attitude.
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