What Car Chalk Can Do For Your Website Traffic

My mom and my sister support me a lot. And they support the blog. Actually, some stories, like this one, make my mom call me at odd hours when she reads the blog with a screaming, “you did what to yourself?!”

The Blue Collar-mobile

The two of them had a road trip planned where they were gonna rent a car and drive around some cities and national parks.

What they didn’t tell me was that they bought some glass chalk. You know the stuff that highschool athletes write on their cars? “Bayside High Football Finals! Honk if you support us!” Or newlyweds have written on their cars? “Just married!” Glass chalk is what does that, and that’s what my mom and sister bought for their roadtrip.

Support blue collar workers

They wrote my blog URL on their rented car on 3 different back windows and tooled around the country. They thought it would help get more people to the site (thanks for the support, guys!).

Did it work?

Technically, yes.

Here’s some honesty, dudes. I get anywhere from maybe 10 to 150 visitors to my blog a day. When they were on their trip, I didn’t really notice a change in numbers.

But when they told me specifically where they were on which days, I used that google analytics to see that on those days, there was a little bump in visitors from the areas they were in! For example, I usually get ~2 visitors from this one city every day. But on the day they drove through, I got 6 visitors. A bump from the car chalk? Maybe.  I’ve never gotten a visitor from this one small city, but on the day they drove through, I got 4 visitors.

So if you’re lookin’ to get that website traffic up, car chalk probably isn’t the best way, but it did work in a small way. And they seemed to have fun doing it.



What Car Chalk Can Do For Your Website Traffic — 35 Comments

    • They said that they scrubbed it off with a squeegee thing at the gas station when they filled up before returnign it. They were afraid that the rental car place would charge extra for “extra cleaning” or something.

  1. That’s a pretty cool idea to do that on a roadtrip. I guess results would depend a lot on where you’re going and how appealing your blog url is for the masses. Unfortunately since people are mainly driving when they see it, I think a lot might’ve forgotten the url by the time they got home or at a convenient place to use their smartphone.
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    • That’s true … although, a passenger could go to the site right away if they didn’t need wifi. But I bet that drivers would mostly have forgotten by the time they stop.

  2. What an interesting idea!

    So…what if you had a post on something that might interest a lot of folks. I don’t know…how to avoid XXX scam? how to make your own YYYY? Put a plug on there and the URL, and see what happens to the traffic on that post.

    Like any kind of advertising, it needs to be in front of people for a while before it starts to really have an effect.

    What if you had a blurb that might look like this:

    Blue Collar Workman
    War stories and consumer advice

    And suppose you left it there for as long as you could stand it until you had to wash the car. In my case, that’s quite a long time. 😀
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    • For me, I won’t do it on my own car because I’m trying to remain anonymous enough that my boss won’t find the blog (don’t want to get fired for saying that they’re liars and cheaters!). But if you didn’t have to worry about that, I think it’s a great idea; it’s like constant advertising that you can change anytime you want!

    • Sounds like a good idea actually. Someone stuck in traffic could check it out, passengers could check it out… and it’s got a nice rhyme to it, so it’s something people might remember, “What was that Bee Money Tree thing? I’ve gotta look that up!”

    • Maybe you could buy them magnetic signs for their cars of your site… as a subtle hint. :-) Those magnetic signs are a great idea though!

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    • Yeah, that’s the thing with it, I’m trying to stay somewhat anonymous so I can’t do it on my work truck or anything. But when family travels out of town, they certainly can, haha!

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