West Coast National Parks – A Blue Collar Roundup

Okay, so maybe I’ve been a bit “laundry list” in the blog posts that I link to in my roundups. It’s hard though because I like a lot of what I see around the blog interwebs. But for this roundup, I worked extra hard to pick just a few of my favorite posts. Let’s see how I did…

Crater Lake National Park

Apparently not caused by a meteor. Who knew?

Since a lot of my readers are personal finance folks, I think it would be awesome to start off with a round of freaking applause. One of you finance bloggers did it. Finished paying off their debt. Congratulations, John at Married (With Debt)! Now it’s time to work on a new blog title. :-)

Make Yourself Awesomer!

Untemplater says that things happen, and don’t happen, for a reason. So when you’re waiting for a big result (audition, job interview…) take a deep breath and relax! But seriously man, waiting is hard.

What I like about Joyful Self Manager is that Anthony doesn’t just throw out dumb advice that looks good but actually sucks. And this post about positive affirmations is no different. If you’re not some hot model, don’t make your affirmation be something like “I’m the hottest, most attractive person alive.” Cuz it ain’t true (unless you’re my wife. Or Scarlett Johannson.). So pick the right things to tell yourself!

This post from Thad’s Thoughts blew my mind, dudes. Like Neo in the Matrix, “Whoa.” That’s all I can say. You should head over immediately. If not sooner.

Come Get Your Money!

Want to save money? How about spending some instead?! Debts N Taxes has an interesting little idea that just might work for some of you.

Redwood National Park

Turns out, size does make a difference.

Do your friends give you crap for wanting to get out of debt fast? Don’t worry about it, it happens over at Bog of Debt, too. Want to hear the tale?

Prairie Home Ecothrifter had a GREAT post on the things you can do to save money on car maintenance. Don’t let those mechanics rip you off, you can do a lot of things yourself!

Who remembers Ducktales from growing up? I do! I remember most Scrooge McDuck swimming in a room full of gold coins. And of course I always wanted to try it. So who better to get some pf advice from? Thanks Bog of Debt.

Other Cool Stuff

Got a dirty job? Why yes, yes I do. Example 1 and example 2. :-) But hey, it pays the bills. Check out some other dirty jobs from Savvy Financial Latina.


Mount St Helens

Turns out that it’s still an active volcano — is anyone else uncomfortable with that?

Modest Money had this post about theft-proofing your vehicle and it really hit home for me. Not because I’ve been the victim of theft, but because I used to do the thieving. I was a very troubled kid in my teenage years and breaking into cars was nowhere near the worst thing that I got in to. Now that I’ve put all that behind me (and paid the penalities in both money and jail time), I look at younger dudes doing the same stuff and just shake my head. It’s the wrong path, dudes, and it only leads to jail. And also now that I’m older, I realize how crappy it is to have your car broken in to or property damaged!

Daisy from Add Vodka tells us what universal healthcare is really like. It’s nice hearing from someone who is living it and not from lying politicians.

Good Stuff for Me

Got a little link love from Earth and Money, The Wealth Artisan, Organic Fashion, Funny About Money (she really talked about a comment of mine–thanks!), and Modest Money (and Modest Money again–you’re awesome Jeremy).

I’m gonna rip off Jeremy at Modest Money‘s idea here and also thank some of you tweeters who gave me some tweet lovin’ recently!

Thanks guys:

Jeremy from Modest Money @ModestMoney

Stan from Debt N Taxes @Debt_n_Taxes

Bog of Debt @bogofdebt

PK, Cameron, and Bryan from Don’t Quit Your Day Job @dqydj_net

Earth and Money @earthandmoney

Sydney from Untemplater @untemplater


West Coast National Parks – A Blue Collar Roundup — 25 Comments

  1. Thanks for the mentions TB. I appreciated that honest comment on the car theft post about your past. That kind of openness goes a long way with blogging. I was quite surprised based on the work ethic you seem to have. I guess most of us have made our mistakes at one time or another though.

    By the way, don’t worry too much about a long link round up. You make me feel guilty about mine that have 20+ links each week. At least you take the time to group links and add personal notes. Mine are true laundry lists.
    Modest Money recently posted..Taking Care of your Vision Isn’t an Expensive BusinessMy Profile

    • Glad to include you, man! I think being such a screw up when I was younger is part of what made my work ethic so strong today. Sometimes you really have to hit bottom before you realize what a dumba*s you’ve been and swing really far in the other direction! Well, that and my first daughter being born!

  2. Thanks for the mentions TB. I too enjoyed the article that Daisy wrote about Universal Healthcare. You can’t really grasp how it really runs unless you hear real-life stories and I think she did a great job at describing it.
    DebtsnTaxes recently posted..Why I BlogMy Profile

    • EXACTLY! When I heard radio people or politicians talk about it, it’s no good, I never know what to believe. And they all make guesses about what’ll happen, and it’s just hard to know what’s right and wrong. Hearing real stories is REALLY helpful!

  3. I’ve had my car broken into twice and my catalytic converter stolen. You just feel like someone invaded your personal space. I don’t really care about the physical things…if somebody feels they need to steal my $%#! because they need it more than me, fine. I can get stuff back. I can’t get back the feeling of safety that was ripped off.
    AverageJoe recently posted..Blog Post of the Week! by Afford AnythingMy Profile

    • That’s part of why I feel so bad for what I’ve done in my past. You’re not just stealing people’s stuff, you’re stealing their security, their feeling of safety, their personal space, their sense of power… you’re taking more than physical junk. I’m sorry you had that stuff stolen!

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  5. Dear TB,
    I’m a new follower from the blog walk. I’m from the west coast & live in Oklahoma. I miss the west coast but like the new experiences.

    • That’s always the thing to keep in mind, right? THink fondly of the old stuff, but move on to new experiences! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  6. What a wonderful round up! Some of my favorite bloggers are featured here! Also I have to spread my love for the national parks! I was a park ranger for over a year in Richmond before I moved to Greanda. Miss that job!
    Cat @ Budget Blonde

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