A Trap of Grease

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, then you might know this already. Underneath the sinks in the kitchen, there is a grease trap. The grease trap is actually underground and is what catches the grease that goes down the sink.

That metal leg on the left used to be over that grease trap on the floor, but my magical hands fixed it.

The guys at this restaurant wanted to replace the grease trap, which is something you’re supposed to do every once in awhile. I think for extra greasy restaurants, they probably have to change it more frequently. Anyway, they couldn’t replace the grease trap because the leg of the sink was blocking it closed (obviously it had been awhile since anyone had replaced this grease trap).

Basically I had to go in and move the leg underneath the sink to a better, but still stable, spot. It took a little time and involved a little welding, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

I speak english. All the guys in the kitchen were nice enough, but spoke only spanish. And the owners speak some english, but mostly spoke in italian to eachother. I never knew what anyone was saying, but everyone was smiling, so I guess that’s good!

The owners owned 4 expensive cars between the two of them (Lincolns and Cadillacs), they were all black cars, and the guys paid cash. Which is actually nice. Honestly, I don’t think these guys know anything other than cash. Which is actually good from what I’ve been reading from you financial bloggers.



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  1. In our family when someone is lazy about getting a job or looking for a job, we say, “… or else you’ll spend all summer cleaning out the grease trap!” We got that from a Peanuts episode in which Charlie Brown didn’t enjoy summer camp because they made him clean out the camp’s kitchen grease trap every day.
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  2. Grease trap bacteria is available in varying types. Most common is probably the liquid form, which can be poured down the drains or applied directly to the trap. Another popular style is bacteria blocks, which are slow dissolve blocks that are suspended from a rope and submerged into the grease trap. Depending on the size of the block and grease trap, these blocks will last up to 4 weeks at a time. Powder varieties are also available and generally take up less shelf space and are cheaper to ship. Finally, grease traps can be set up with automatic injection pumps to automatically pump bacteria into the grease trap at set intervals for virtually maintenance free treatment.

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