Using Nail Polish to Repair Car Dings

my wife's color assortment

my wife’s color assortment

Question: Can you use nail polish to repair little nicks or dings to your car’s paint?

Answer: Yes!! Surprised?

I do it all the time, in fact! The trick, of course, is getting your wife to buy the right nail polish color that matches your car. “Yes honey, I love when you paint your nails the fungus green that matches my truck…”

car colored nail polishes

car colored nail polishes

Does it really work? I’ve found that the components in nail polish are actually just as good and long-lasting as the paint that’s specialized for cars. Nail polish seals up dings so that you don’t get any growing rust problems. I’ve fixed dings on my wife’s car as well as my truck with nail polish and after several years, the paint has held up very nicely.

How do you do it? Easy.

  1. You’ll want to first clean in and around the ding on your car so that there’s no road grime in there. You don’t want the nail polish to seal in grime, which will end up deteriorating your car underneath the polish, where you can’t see.
  2. Do as good a job as you can at matching a nail polish color to your car’s color (duh).
  3. Put on one coat of the polish and let it dry completely. One coat should be enough, unless you can see through it, in which case you’ll need to put on a second coat.
  4. clear "top coat"

    clear “top coat”

    Once that first coat is dry, top it off with a clear nail polish. This is extra protective and is a good finish. The clear polish you use should be what the ladies call a “top coat.” Don’t get any of that “nutritive base coat” or “clear nail growing polish” or whatever else. You just want a plain, clear “top coat” to put on top of your color.

  5. Let that top coat dry and you’re ready to hit the road again. But not literally, because seriously dude, stop dinging your car.

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