The Whacked Out Blue Collar Roundup

If you read my blog, you may know that I got in a car accident recently. I’m feeling a lot better, but am still whacked out on pain meds. So I dedicate this edition of the blue collar roundup to being totally whacked out on drugs.

Whoa, far out dudes. The wacky meds don’t actually make me see this way, but it would be awesome if they did.

I love a good blue collar post, so I gotta put this up top! Dominique at Prairie Home Ecothrifter has some great adivce on doing home improvements!

Ya know how Yakezie is having a writing contest? Well this is the one I’m voting for. I like it probably because it hits close to home.


Money Stuff:

So you saw someone take off their Ray-Bans to look into their Prada purse, and then they pulled out foodstamps?  I can feel through the internet that you’re judging them. Andrea asks if you should be judging them though.

Two posts from Andrea in one roundup? I just couldn’t help myself. Most people dream of being rich, but don’t really think it’ll ever happen, so they do things that end up preventing it from happening.

Can you save too much? I say “no” but hear what the Financial Samurai has to say on this. Or I’ll karate chop your face.

We’re not talking about a little dip, we’re talking about a full-on cannon ball into your emergency fund.  How does that feel?

Listen to Ninjas. Especially as they punch you in the face with living life like you’re 10 years older than you are.

A guest at Prairie Home Ecothrifter has ideas on whether you should invest. Because seriously, should you?

I don’t even know what this is. But it’s whacked out, so it belongs in this post.

Did you know that you can get screwed by paying off loans early? Seriously dudes, banks are not cool. Not cool. Joe is paying off his car early anyway.


Random Stuff:

If you use the word “sweet ass” in a blog title and post, what does that do to your traffic? Do you want that kind of traffic? Cult of Money has the answers you seek.

How much do you know about Steve Jobs? Really, how much? Thad might know more than you, but he isn’t selfish, he’ll share his smarts.

Anthony from Joyful Self Manager gets quick and dirty talking about Alexa page rankings traffic.

Scams suck. Especially when you fall for them. Extra suck. Be careful, dudes.

Food and porn disrupt human nature. Is that true? Maybe you better check it out.

This is a great one, When people vote for the wrong guy, what NOT to do.

Don’t deny it, you need social media advice. Here’s Jeremy’s social media advice from Modest Money.

Need a bed for an animal and have old junk that you need to get rid of? Have I got the idea for you. Of course, you don’t have to make it sissy-like, you can make it cool and camo painted and stuff.

10 things homeowners should do when moving in from Erika. I’d like to add, change the air filters!


Mushy Gushy Stuff:

This post by Anthony at Joyful Self Manager is great. It talks about moms being the world’s best CEOs. Anthony,man, I couldn’t agree more.

What do soybeans have to do with change? A very good question. Plowing Through Life has a very good answer.

I don’t really have a big guilt problem, but I know a lot of people who do! How useful is that guilt, Frugal Portland?

I love the rocks/sand/gravel in a jar story. It always reminds me to get my priorities straight — thanks Jessica.

Speaking of priorites, a list of things you want, in order by priority, is a great idea. Bog of Debt’s got that going on, and so should you.

Women go through alot in life what with having babies and all that, but men like at Funancials, go through a lot too!

Untemplater says to support eachother. I happen to agree. Support eachother, people, all the time!

Keep an open mind people and never stop learning!! No but seriously, how often do you listen versus how often are you just looking for spots to disagree with someone or prove that you’re smart?

What if lightening really looked like this? Crazy.

Up for a Challenge?

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? We already know about Fat Guy Skinny Wallet’s pushup challenge, which him and others are doing great on. But maybe you’re not into fitness. Or maybe you’re a pro athlete and do 100 pushups in your sleep.  Well then have I got the challenge for you. Check out Matt Madeiro’s 30 day Be Cool challenge — how cool are you?


Stuff That’s Great for Me and Meaningless for You:

I got in the “How to” blog carnival at Making of a Mom.

Jeremy at Modest Money mentioned a post of mine in a roundup, which is pretty sweet. He’s also nearly below a 45K Alexa ranking, so you could head over to congratulate him or tell him that you’re jealous. Or both.

I got in an education blog carnival, educatin’ people with all my brain power.

I was in a roundup by Canadian Budget Binder. Honestly, I hadn’t been to this blog yet, but now that I’ve checked it out, I plan to go back.

Got into Dr. Deans roundup — his website is called the millionaire nurse, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for nurses!

Invest it Wisely put me into their Happy Canada Day roundup.  I’m not Canadian, but happy canada day, A!


Photo credits: Tye dye awesomness, crazy spiral ball of doom, smoodgey colors, and  rainbow electric lightening.




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