The Washington Monument — 2 Years After the Quake

On Memorial Day this year I wanted to let you guys see how the Washington Monument is doing after that earthquake that happened. Remember the east coast earthquake that hit about 2 years ago?WA monument getting fixedYep, in 2 years, here’s how things look.

My buddy sent me this picture and I think it’s crazy, man. 2 years and they still don’t have the thing fixed up again? It’s not like the earthquake was a building crumbler where giant sinkholes opened up and ate half the city!
Oh well. Happy Memorial Day.


The Washington Monument — 2 Years After the Quake — 3 Comments

  1. Why is it we can spend millions overseas, yet the World Trade Center still hasn’t risen, the Washington Monument looks WORSE than it did right after the earthquake, bridges are falling, our infrastructure is appalling, and pretty much everyone else in the world has better cell phone coverage and internet than we do. What gives??

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