The Very First Blue Collar Roundup

Welcome to the first ever blue collar blog roundup!

Most roundups are on fridays but I’m doing one today because (A) I’m cool like that, and (B) family drama has been crazy, man, and I can’t really focus (nothing serious, just my daughters and wife all converging on hysterical breakdowns at the same time, creating a vortex black hole of terror in my home :-)).

For dealing with these times when all 3 women in my life have gone batdung crazy, Joyful Self-Manager had a nice post about handling verbal confrontations. When I’m out driving to job-sites or at job-sites, I sometimes get into arguments and the Joyful Self-Manager advice could really help me out.

A week or two ago there was one of the most memorable posts I’ve read in a long time on deciding not to let yourself decay over at Get Rich Slowly. If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is. A great follow-up to that, to really get your a*s in gear was at Cult of Money and talked about the best time to plant a tree.

With my job and family and the blog, things get crazy. Making Sense of Cents had some good ideas on finding a work/life balance. One thing that’s tough on us is that my youngest was diagnosed as “prediabetic.” We’re still figuring out what that means, but Mason’s Blue Collar Bees had an interesting read on eating honey with diabetes. Now we’ve got one more thing to ask our daughter’s doctor about…

I don’t know jack about jack when it comes to retirement stuff. WorkSaveLive had a great post that got me familiar with what the deal is. Speaking of things I don’t know jack about, I learned at CuriosityKilledtheBlog about blog rankings.

Three random things to leave you with on hump day:

1.  There’s an  i-pad giveaway over at Life and My Finances (and yes, I get an extra giveaway entry for linking the site on my blog :-) ).

2. Thanks to Miss T over at Prairie Eco-Thrifter for letting me know that the comments on my blog weren’t working this week! I just thought people didn’t like talking about siding and Tyvec.  I owe you one, Miss T!

3. Most ridiculous youtube video I saw last week.



The Very First Blue Collar Roundup — 6 Comments

  1. Cool idea you’ve got for a blog here! As a blue-collar worker myself, I will be interested to see some of your content. Perhaps I could even help you out sometime in the future with a guest post or something.

    You’ve found a good resource with Andrea’s Curiosity Killed the Blog site. You’ll learn a lot about blogging there.

    I’m glad you took the time to check out my Roth IRA post. I have other good posts on investing linked within that post if you want to learn more. Good Day!
    Matt @ RamblingFever Money recently posted..The Massive Advantage of the Roth IRA Over the 401kMy Profile

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