The Shit Hit the Fan…Literally

People talk about shit hitting the fan, but I mean it this time literally.

I had a job last week in a 6-unit townhouse.  Usually in townhomes and condos, all the bathroom are lined up on top of each other in what I call a shit stack.  So all the piping and tubes go down in a straight line.  But in this particular townhouse, for whatever reason, the bathrooms were all in different locations, all over the place.


Add a little excrement and this fan will become your worst nightmare! (

There was a 2nd floor unit in this townhouse, which had a different unit below them, and their toilet became loose.  There was a hole in the cast iron pipe that everything goes into after you flush your toilet.  The hole was right where the cast iron pipe goes into a 90 degree turn to go into another area.  A hole was cracked right into it.

Right underneath the hole was a ceiling fan for the dining room in the unit below.  After the hole cracked into the pipe, I estimate it took nearly 2 days of everything these people flushed going onto the installation in the drywall ceiling.  Two days for everything they flushed to seep through the drywall until the weight got too heavy.

When the weight of all that water, urine, and shit got too heavy for the installation, it all just exploded through.  It hit this lady’s ceiling fan in the unit below and flung excrement everywhere.  It was absolutely disgusting.  I walked in and I walked right back out.

I told the lady that she would need to get a hotel and I told my boss that we needed to get Service Master in here.  Or I got to get into a biohazard suit or something.  There was shit literally everywhere, all over the ceiling, the floor, and the walls.

The lady told me that she saw a water stain on the ceiling, but thought nothing of it.  She thought that someone above her had a little leak or something.  Well that little leak ended up being the excrement of the people above her.  The smell was so foul, it was just wrong.

Take some advice: Never let a little leak or a little problem go (better yet, maintain where you live to prevent problems!), take care of it immediately or it could turn into a much bigger, much more expensive, excrement-filled problem!

What problems have you not taken care of that got out of control?  When have your neighbors’ problems become your own?


Sidenote: The fact that I’m getting some spam comments (which I label as spam and don’t allow to post) makes me think that I’m picking up a little steam on getting the blog going. It’s a negative sign of success, but it’s a sign no less! Ha, that rhymed.


The Shit Hit the Fan…Literally — 15 Comments

  1. My parents had an issue where their neighbour put up a fence and change the ground leveling so that water would drain towards their house. The following spring there were mass amounts of rain and my parents got water in their basement. It sucked.

    • That DOES suck! Water damage and leaky basements can be a huge cost… and it’s espeically rough when it would have been fine if your neighbors hadn’t changed the ground leveling.

  2. How could they not smell the shit for a few days?!?! If it was piling up that much my nose would have picked that up instantly.

    That’s freaking disgusting. lol.

    Also, it’s awesome you’re starting to get some spam! This whole blogging thing just takes time. Keep it up and hang in there!

    • I thought the exact same thing…how did she not notice the smell??? Although working the way I do, I’ve learned to never overestimate tenants’ smarts!

  3. “a little leak or something” Yeah they had a little more than a little leak that’s for sure! So what’s next? Will you guys have to gut the room to to clean the shit up and repair the pipe?

    • With this particular client, it wasn’t our job to clean up that kind of thing (thank God!). They call in hazardous waste people. Once everything got cleaned up, then my job was to repair the ceiling, the fan, and the pipes from above. So it wasn’t so bad for what I had to do. There have been jobs in the past where I had to clean up excrement too, and man, it sucks, it’s absolutely disgusting!

  4. That’s pretty disgusting. Shit flung everywhere, and I could just imagine how annoyed that must have made you. If it were me, I would have been totally beside myself in anger and frustration.

    It’s strange that the tenant saw the leak, and yet did nothing about it. A leak is not normal under any circumstances. Plus, she had to be alarmed of the odor. I know I would have been.

    • You’d be amazed how many tenants and people do nothing for a long time when something goes wrong in their home/apt. It’s stunning sometimes how long people wait to get something fixed.

      In cases like these, I try to keep in mind that it’s my job and I get paid for it; so it takes away some of the frustration at having to deal with this type of stuff.

  5. I’m gagging at the visual!!! Augh!! And the smell must have been horrible. I’ll answer the “how could they not have noticed?” question! Last week one day, I kept smelling baby poop but didn’t see any anywhere….so I started thinking I was crazy as my husband didn’t smell it at all. Then…I found it. When my husband emptied the vacuum cleaner’s bag, he pushed it into the trash on top of a dirty diaper and there was POOP on my VACUUM CLEANER! Yep…

  6. Wow, that’s definitely one for the books! But I suspect you have plenty of these tales in your toolbox :) I feel for her and the clean-up crew. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I appreciate your comments.

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