The Second Blue Collar Roundup

Just when you thought it was safe…. I’ve gone and read some other blog posts and thought they were cool enough to mention in my second official blue collar roundup.

What’s a good blog roundup without an awesome article on knife fighting? Seriously, I thought there was such a thing as a knife fight….guess not.


Miss T at Prairie Eco-Thrifter has made me feel pretty damn good that I’ve got retirement savings started. But there’s a lot of people who haven’t! Also not to be missed is her awesome giveaway — seriously dudes, check it out.

MC Hammer was freaking awesome, I even got to go on a backstage tour during a concert of his when I was in junior high. But Daisy from Add Vodka brings up a good point about how the 90s set us up to fail financially. Hammer did go bankrupt, afterall.

Over at WorkSaveLive was this post about being broke, desperate, and stupid. This was awesome because not only have I done some of those dumb things in my younger days, but the honesty of that post was awesomely brutal.

Improve Your Blog:

Yeah, my blog needs improvement and I plan to get to work on that when I’ve got some time. Thanks to Jennifer’s post, Confessions of a Blogger, and Andrea’s post, 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Design, for helping me see the damn light!


So there’s this dude, Matt Madeiro, that I recently found online who had a pretty cool blog about simple living called Three New Leaves. There’s some cool stuff there, but he’s started a new site and left the old one in the dust. His new site goes by his name, and it deserves to be checked out, too.

This post at Daily Money Shot could really go under “money” or “living,” it’s about how not to compare yourself to others. You’re still thinking about comparing yourself to others, aren’t you? I could sense that disturbance in the force. Maybe a post from Man Vs Debt will make you see The Danger in Comparing Yourself to Others.

Speaking of the force, Yoda and Cult of Money have some wise words that you should read about: There is no try.

Want more people to like you? Sure you do, so let Anthony at Joyful Self Manager tell you how.

I thought reading this post about the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying from Kelly Oxford would be a bummer, but it wasn’t. It really makes you think.

Oh that's right, Blue Collar Workman made it into a carnival!

Another post from Miss T at Prairie Eco-Thrifter. Listen up people, buying green ain’t always green. Preach it, Miss T!

I’ve had some issues recently dealing with ethics at my job and so this post about padding your resume from This That and the MBA fits in just right.

You’ve made it this far in the roundup and I’m just giddy that you’ve stuck it out… but seriously dudes, how long have you been on the internet today? Get some sleep! Need convincing? Free From Broke will preach it to you in this post about the Financial and Physical Toll of Lack of Sleep.

Other stuff:

I’ve gotten into my very first carnival (Festival of Frugality) hosted by Funny about Money! Check it out by clicking here! Raise the roof!

But man, that’s not it. I also won my first blog giveaway from Sharon at Empty House, Full Mind!

I’m planning on fixing up my site and making it look better….if I can make houses and buildings look good, I should be able to handle my own website, right? Blue Collar Workman will look a little different soon! Stand by…


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