The Roadrage with a Gun Trial

A short while back I was involved in this incident where a guy pulled a gun on me in traffic. Well actually, after a verbal altercation of sorts in our vehicles, I pulled over into a parking lot and he followed me in. (Blue Collar Tip: NEVER pull over into a parking lot to “resolve” things with someone on the road! Dumb dumb dumb). He ended up pulling out a loaded gun.

I said before that I really can’t give more details than that until it’s all over, but I can say this. For the 3rd time, I had a court date for this thing, and for the 3rd time, the guy’s defense lawyer asked for a continuance. And it was granted.

Permanent Record

I think it’s a lot bigger than this in real life, unfortunately.

So it all drags on. The guy’s attorney said that I’m not a credible guy and so he wants more time to look into my criminal background. And the prosecutors say that the guy who pulled the gun is a “scumbag” and has a history. So I guess they’re going to look into his credibility and past criminal history more. Shouldn’t this all have already been done, you know, before the first court date?

Trial continues again in September.

In case you want a little court case knowledge, the guy who pulled the gun is on trial, not me. I’m actually just a witness, even though the gun was pulled on me. The buddy that was in my truck is a witness too. For the lawyer guys to pull my criminal record is a frightening prospect (I had a rather rocky time of it until my 1st daughter was born, to put it nicely — my record reminds me of how long Ron White says his is [about 3min in] :-)), but luckily I’m not the guy on trial. My history is your basic “no good kid” type of stuff, this guy seems like his history is a bit more mental. Psychological problems. So I guess we’ll see what the lawyers do with that.

But that’s always a nice way to spend half a day. Take off work and lose money because of it, only to have the case continued. Again.

And I guess it’s also frustrating that I finally got my life together when my first daughter was born, but it’s really difficult to lose my history. Getting a criminal record when you’re younger sticks around with you forever and ever once you grow up. It’s hard to make a fresh start of it! But I’ve got a job, paying my bills, got my family, and I’m a hard worker…that’s all I can really ask for I guess. My history will probably keep coming up for the rest of my life, but… what’re ya gonna do?


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  1. Damn lawyers stretching things out to make more money. I was hoping this was a story of how it was all resolved and you could share more details. It is dumb that they can delay the trial for a reason like this. Shouldn’t pulling a criminal record take very little time? And it does suck that your previous record gets brought into this too. Good luck getting this all cleared up soon.
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    • Yeah, lawyers do that and it sucks. It also sounds like the legal system is bogged down in lots of cases and so things get slowed even more.

  2. Lawyers do tend to drag things out forever; it is quite frustrating (especially when you need to take time off from work). I hope this is resolved soon enough. It sounds like you made some bad choices in the past, but it looks like you’re on the right track. Sometimes the birth of a child puts things in a different perspective. The love and responsibility we feel for our family, particularly the small, helpless babies we bring into the world, can really inspire us to be better people. It sounds like you’re doing okay now. Good for you.
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    • It is crazy how once my oldest was born, my entire brain just changed! Just like that! Suddenly things got put into perspective and I got on track.

  3. From The Simpsons. …

    Chief Wiggum: We want a DNA test.

    DNA Guy: Ooh, ooh, ee, ooh, ooh, that takes, uh, 8 to 10 weeks.

    Chief Wiggum: [sighs, hands him a carton of cigarettes]

    DNA Guy: Did I say weeks? ‘Cause I meant seconds.

    I think that’s how many things in America work these days. Many tasks take seconds or minutes, but there are so few people doing the real work that you have to sit in the pile for days or weeks before your seconds / minutes come up.

    The gun puller probably has a court appointed attorney that has hundreds of other cases, none of which are proactively handled (unless it is a high profile media case maybe).

    And such is life in modern America!

    • You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. My history definitely doesn’t change the fact that he pulled the gun! It shouldn’t really be a factor here, but… the legal system at work ain’t so great.

  4. The wheels of justice grind slow, that’s for sure. And it’s not always clear that the result is fair.

    Well, you were lucky the wacko didn’t shoot you. That happens all the time around here — people are shot and even killed with some regularity on the homicidal streets of Phoenix, often for no discernible reason.

    Whatever you might have gotten up to in the past is irrelevant. Young men in our culture, where everyone is expected to knuckle down inside a classroom for year after interminable year, often go off the rails — then they grow up and settle down. One reason crime is dropping in the US is that the population in general is aging and so outgrowing the antics. It’s not acceptable to follow you into a parking lot and pull a gun on you. Wouldn’t be acceptable to follow, say, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno into a parking lot, either…nor would one expect to live through it. Let’s hope the next time, the jerk gets mad at the wrong guy.
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