The Mask of a Demolition Man

I said before how demolition men have a low life expectancy because of respiratory problems.

And here, for your viewing enjoyment, is what one of the respirators looks like that we have to wear. You’d think it would keep out all the particulates since it looks like some kind of super strong, awesome mask, but I guess not.



The Mask of a Demolition Man — 12 Comments

  1. TB, I’m actually looking for a mask. I have to spray my fruit trees with some pretty toxic chemicals to treat chronic and very common conditions in pear and apple trees. I have to spray 4-5 times each year. I can’t imagine exposing myself to dust and chemicals daily. Be careful!
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  2. TB…nice picture. I will be sending some students your way. I am teaching a Consumer Education class and I think your postings will have value for my students. I am not sure they will post anything, but reading about what you do will be good for them. It is real and honest – something American high school students don’t see enough of. Thanks for all of your posts.

  3. I’ve had to wear a variety of personal protection gear while working in the biomedical research industry. At one point, instead of fixing a ventilation issue, my health and safety advisor suggested I wear a mask similar to the one in your photo while working in a restricted zone. :/ I flat out refused to wear it and wouldn’t work there until they fixed the issues, lol.
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  4. I have found my way here, because we seem to comment on a lot of the same blogs! :-)

    This post reminded me of a job my dad had for awhile (he was a blue collar worker at a large chemical company, for years). He made pesticides, and–in spite of their safety precautions–had to have weekly bloodtests, to make sure the chemical weren’t killing him. When he found out that his levels were too high, it was time for him to consider a transfer… :-(
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    • Great to see you here, thanks for stopping by! That sucks about your dad, I guess it’s good they were testing for the chemicals though so he knew when to get out.

  5. That mask reminds me of the ones people wear when treating pools and hottubs. It kind of makes you not want to get into the water thinking about all the chemicals they put into the water!

    That’s unfortunate that even with a mask like particles are still able to get through.
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