The Fence That Beat Me Up

Fences don't fight fair

Last Friday I had a job tearing down a chain-linked fence that was right up against and along an aqueduct drop off.  It was a crappy old fence and so I started pulling at it and making some easy headway at bringing it down.

After a little break, I started at it again and hit a spot where the fence wouldn’t give.  I got frustrated and yanked on it really hard until it pulled out of my hands.  When I let it go, it had enough force to pop back right into my face (I’ve got the bloody lip to prove it).

I got pissed that it smacked me in the face, so I shoved it forward really hard.  And it gave.  Remember how the fence was right up along an aqueduct drop off?  Yeah, well I found myself falling face first into that empty aqueduct on top of the fence.

I guess I passed out when I hit the bottom of the aqueduct because when I came to, the fence was down and I had a little headache, laying there in the aqueduct.  I was a little dizzy, but I finished the rest of the job pretty quick (it was easy now that most the fence was taken down into the aqueduct).  Earlier than usual that day, I had to call it quits because my headache and dizziness turned into nausea too.  With crappy state health insurance, I waited a long time in the ER before finally seeing a doctor.

I had a concussion and was told to take it easy for a couple days until I felt better.  Concussions can be really serious (Preston Plevretes anyone?), and while I could take a few hours off the next day, I couldn’t take off any more time than that because I’ve got bills to pay!


The Fence That Beat Me Up — 4 Comments

  1. I liked your story. Who would’ve thought that anybody could get beat up by a fence? This certainly illustrates that danger lurks in places where we least expect them. A concussion is pretty serious, but it’s a good thing that you didn’t suffer a broken neck resulting in permanent paralysis. Nice post!

  2. Anthony is right that it could’ve been a lot worse. People die or get paralyzed from much more minor accidents. Having the fence fall with you probably prevented a more serious injury. Still, a concussion isn’t fun to deal with. I’ve personally only had mild concussions, but any head related injury can have lingering effects.

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