The Dumpster Artist

Ever seen those giant dumpsters at construction sites and wondered if there’s an art to filling them? Yeah, I thought so.

There is an art to it actually. The picture here is of a 30 yard dumpster that I filled. It’s full of drywall, metal studs, insulation, and ceiling tiles.

30 ft dumpsterThe art to loading these is that if you want to fit the true 30 yards of rubbish, you have to pack them tight enough. Like when you load up a moving van, if you want to fill all the space and get your money’s worth, you gotta plan and put stuff in there right! Same deal here.

Next time you see one of these giant dumpsters at a construction site and see dudes throwing stuff in, know that they’re actually being careful about where they put stuff so that it gets filled properly!


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  1. Weirdly enough, that is a question that has crossed my mind. Breathes there a shrink who can help?

    So, okay, here’s another question for you: Do these loads ever get fazed past a recycling plant, or do they just go direct to the city dump?

    In our parts, you can donate salvageable stuff from a tear-down. So, say, if you can pull out cabinetry, fixtures, or anything else that could reasonably be re-used, you could fob them off…uhm, donate them to Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, or other nonprofits and take a write-off. If push comes to shove, you can try to resell them under the counter thru’ Craig’s List. This strategy makes a rehab look a lot more palatable to the average investor. Does your crew try to do that kind of thing?
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  2. i used to park my truck next to the dumster and put anything that could be sold as scrap in it….my boss loved it, i would load it at noon and once he asked me, “do you work as hard for me as you do filling your truck at lunch time?” :) many days i would stop at teh scarp yard on the way home and make anywhere from 30 to 200 dollars….copper was the best but hard to come by…metal studs they add up don’t let anyone fool you….

    • one job the cable guys were tossing cable wire in the dumpster and i said i will take it if you want, they loaded it in my truck and i hualed it home and in seven days hauling and couple weeks cleaning at night after work made 11 hundred bucks and that was back when copper was 35 cents a pound now it almost 3 bucks a pound….

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