The Dead Body

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I was doing a job yesterday where I had to go into an old warehouse and survey the work and cost of an interior alteration job (knocking down some walls, putting up new ones, updating the electrical system, etc.).  From a run-in with a homeless man a few years ago, I know now to always bang on the side of abandoned buildings before going in.  That way any bums or people hanging out will know to get out.

So I bang along the outside of this warehouse and finally go in.  Two homeless guys got up when I walked in and went out a back door.  I walk around, getting a feel for the place and what the owners want to do with it, when I see a person lying on the floor in the back.  I call out, but they don’t move or say anything.  I didn’t have to get too close to see the blue-ish skin and gnarled stiffened hands.

Unfortunately, this is the third body I’ve found while on a job, so I knew to call the police right away and back off.  When the police came, they took my statement, but no big deal was made of it and it wasn’t mentioned in the paper the next day – the guy turned out to be homeless.  It’s not something I think I’ll ever get used to.  It’s sad and I wonder about his family and life.  Makes me happy about my own family and life.

While I’d like to say that finding dead bodies is the job of cops and paramedics, construction workers and building remodelers find them too.


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  1. Wow that’s pretty harsh to have found 3 dead bodies while on the job. It’s also pretty sad that the other homeless people turned their backs on it. I guess they didn’t want to lose their temporary home and have to deal with the cops.

    • Hi Jeremy – Yeah it is pretty rough finding them on the job. I think the other homeless guys either didn’t notice that the one was sleeping for any awfully long time, or like you said, didn’t want to lose their home by telling the cops.

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