The Blue Collar Vote

If you have strong feelings on politics and want to stay my awesome friend, then maybe you shouldn’t read this (because what if we disagree? Then we’ll always have that wedge inbetween us and you’ll never come back to my website and I’ll never visit yours again, and we’re too cool to let politics get between us like that). I’m actually going to tell who I’m voting for this presidential election.American Flag

This’ll be the most political I ever get. I promise.

The blue collar vote is an important one; politicians seem to like the idea of getting the middle class, working man’s vote. And guess what, dudes? I’m a middle class working man!

The Coworkers Vote

Sometimes my coworkers and I are at a job site and talk about the a-holes running the country. Who are they all voting for? Barack Obama.

In other big cities or in the rural country, maybe it’s different. But in my big city, the blue collar dudes are voting for Obama.

The TB Vote

At first, I was Mitt Romneygoing to vote for Mitt Romney. I thought that Obama was giving out too many freebies, and that doesn’t need to be. But then I did some research on Romney and found out that he lies a lot (and that his real first name is Willard – did you know that?).

So then I wasn’t going to vote for anybody. Politics is a get rich scheme that uses my really hard earned money. I think that sucks. They are all rich and getting richer, while I’m struggling to make ends meet!

But in the end, I’ve decided that like my coworkers, I’ll vote for Obama. He’s been truthful about everything he’s done. He didn’t deliver on everything he promised, that’s for sure. But a lot of that stuff takes time and when you get into office you realize that what you want to do can’t always be a reality. But the man has been truthful about everything he’s Barack Obamadone or wants to do.

My other reason? I watched the vice presidential debates and thought Romney’s running mate was an arrogant little vice president wannabe. He just sounded so arrogant, and then hearing Biden smack him down made me like Obama even more.

So there’s your blue collar vote!

You can leave a comment, even if you don’t like who I’m voting for. It’s cool. We can still be friends. You can tell me why my decision sucks or why it’s awesome. I won’t get mad. And you shouldn’t get mad either. Be cool.


The Blue Collar Vote — 47 Comments

  1. My personal opinion is that the devil hides behind both masks. (Haha, I like that … anyway) I’ve always believed that our elections have been rigged from the day corporations became people. This buying and selling of presidents leaves us with no real choice. Instead, we’re left pitted against each other, arguing over which candidate will make better president when in reality they have exact same views on all major IMPORTANT issues, and try to cover them up on the outside with miniscule disagreements.

    For example: Obama has always spoken about moving our country off fossil fuels, let he’s constantly pushing for domestic drilling. When he campaigns, he says otherwise, but in reality – well you can see his record online. Romney… don’t get me started, he swings whichever way you want him to. He has no moral values and will tell you ANYTHING you want to hear. Do you want that kind of a person for president? Do you we really know his motivations? It seems all he cares about is to become one, not what problems this country faces.

    Wars are making this country bankrupt. I’m not making it up – look up to see where our money is going to. Obama wanted to leave Iraq and Afghanistan – where are we now? We’re still in Afghanistan for reasons I will not even bother divulging here. Romney wants more wars, because wars = profit.

    I can go on and on comparing how each one of them say one thing and do/ will do the other. This has been a part of presidential behavior for decades.

    When Ross Perot made it past all the crazy rules as an Independent, both parties worked together to make sure no Independent would ever make it into debates. They raised the limits for polling in popular vote to something like 15%. How is an independent who doesn’t have the crazy financial backing of billion dollar corporations supposed to poll at 15%? Whether we like to admit it or not, people are politically retarded. The general public’s opinion is swayed by what ads they see on TV, who gets the most face time, who has the best managed campaign. Guess what, all of that costs big money. Political thinktanks were on their toes, biting their nails when Perot polled at 39% after televised debates and realized that the American public is not that stupid – one day could elect an independent. They acted quickly, and what we are left with now is a choice between 2 evils. I’ll never vote democrat or republican because the two are the same with a slightly different colored wrapper on the outside.

    How’s that for a brief comment? :)
    Veronica @ Pelican on Money recently posted..The Thank You Letter that Landed a JobMy Profile

  2. Turncoat!

    You sound like a classic swing voter. There aren’t very many of you guys left.

    What I liked about this post is that I had no clue who you were going to vote for before I started reading. That shows you don’t get very political here and that keeps me around.

    I don’t follow very many political blogs. Generally speaking I don’t think the bloggers are very open minded about their own guy. They are quickly critical of the opposition but completely oblivious to their own guy.

    Neither party is 100% innocent and it’s okay to admit your guys faults and still vote for him.

    I’m not afraid to admit I’ll be voting for Romney. I’m a single issue voter. I vote pro-life and Obama is a VERY long way from being a pro-life president.
    James Dibben recently posted..Journal: April BabiesMy Profile

    • I’ve never heard that term before, “single issue voter” but it’s not a bad idea. Since none of them ever really match what any of us believes in, it’s a great idea to pick the one issue you really care about and vote based on just that.

    • I have also been a single issue voter for a long time; we don’t not need baby killers in high office (nuff said) on that I have voted third party for the last two elections…..this one may be the same I cannot vote for the sitting pres, I can hardly think about voting for the former governor…..what I will say is after Tuesday we can all go back to living our lives with less phone calls, less junk mail and hopefully a better country because the voice of the people was heard… the by if you don’t like someone because you disagree on something you will be alone for most of your life…..i do like the lies behind all masks….

  3. I have never voted for anyone, I think that whomever you vote for, there are things that this person won’t deliver. Not because they wouldn’t like to, but because someone more important is telling them not too. The Firm, the World Order, the Big Company, I don’t know who they are either. I’d rather concentrate on my little patch of grass and let them fight for the power. Obama looks friendly though.
    Pauline recently posted..Who Did I Marry, Financially?My Profile

  4. I don’t live in the States, so it doesn’t really matter what I think. But… I have been following some of the stories and watched parts of the debates, etc, etc, and I have to say that Romney makes my skin crawl. There is something so dishonest and shifty about him. There is no warmth or sincerity in his eyes. His eyes are cold. Like a shark’s. I get the feeling that he’s extremely arrogant and really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people in his country, particularly the ones beneath his status. I think the election is just about winning, so he can add another arrogant accomplishment to his list of arrogant accomplishments. There are a lot of Romneys out there in politics, and in many other areas. We have plenty of there up here in Canada, too. They’re the type of people I wouldn’t trust to take my garbage out. And as far as sharing opinions about politics, or any issue, I see no reason why people should battle. We all have opinions and a personal point of view, and should respect our differences on such matters. At most, we can agree to disagree if need be.
    Plowing Through Life (Martha) recently posted..The Late Great John CandyMy Profile

    • Yeah, and I felt the same way about his vice president running mate…just an arrogant dude. I just don’t like them, haha! Thanks for sharing your opinions :-)

  5. I think it’s a terrible sign for the country when so many people don’t want either candidate. I was in the same boat about not wanting to vote for either of them, though I have made up my mind. Our governmental system is so messed up I’m afraid that it will only get worse from here.
    Another thing that’s bugging me about this election is that Romney gave up on his home state, Michigan. It says a lot about a person when his home state won’t even back him up. His father was a beloved governor here and a lot of the older voters who remember him think fondly of him, but he failed to cash in on it.
    justin@thefrugalpath recently posted..Giving Gifts at Work: Where do You Draw the Line?My Profile

    • I didn’t know that about him giving up on his home state. It doesn’t say much good about him…but if you want to win an election and you see yourself losing a certain state, shouldn’t you throw in the towel on that one (no matter if it is your home state) and move on to states you have a better chance with? I don’t really know, I’m just askin.

      • Hmm I re-read that comment ant it sounded like an insult. That’s not what I meant. I mean… the system doesn’t allow for candidates without significant financial backing to get ahead in polls simply because they are not in front of the camera all the time. Then we have “news” establishments that mysteriously focus only on republicans and democrats as if the other parties don’t exist! Need we remind them there’s the libertarian party, the green party, the peace party and probably others I haven’t heard of?! The system is rigged to keep out people who have something important to say with which people can actually associated with. Ron Paul was my last hope, now I just sit back and watch it all unfold into chaos.
        Veronica @ Pelican on Money recently posted..On Quality of LifeMy Profile

      • Lol, right you are. My sister goes on about that — how there should be more people in the debates and how there are more than just 2 candidates. I forget that sometimes though because all you hear about is Obama and Romney!

    • I don’t think anyone could argue with that, there are definitely pros and cons with each one. Although there might be more cons with each one than pros. :-)

  6. You are entitled to your opinions, I will just be glad when this is all over, gonna vote for who I feel lead to vote for and pray. Glad to see somebody that is brave enough to be honest about his/her opinions, coming over from the Wandering Wednesday blog hop on Pardon my Poppet! Join us!
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  7. I would tend to agree with Veronica on this one. I think there are major glaring issues with both candidates. I don’t think any one of them tell the truth all the time. I mean, the nature of politics is lying and comprimising. Comprimising is one thing, but lying to me and the rest of us is another.

    I have not decided who I am voting for yet. Both my wife and I switched to registered Independent a few years ago because we’re so fed up with the two parties. I’ve tended to go 50/50 on how I vote because I look at how they stand up in regards to the issues that I find important as opposed to just their Party. But, let me tell you what, ever since we made the change we’re getting SO much crap sent to our house and so many of those stupid robo calls because we’re independent.

    I think it’s a bigger issue than just who’s President. The bigger problem, I think, is Congress. They do nothing but line their pockets and argue to the point that nothing gets done. Add that to our increasingly polarized country and even less gets done. I think the whole lot of them should be booted and start all over with people who want to do something.

    That said, I appreciate your honesty…keep on keepin’ on! I don’t think I could do it on my blog…I’d probably tick both sides off. :)
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Month End ExtravaganzaMy Profile

    • I remember once a few years ago learning that some side was trying to stop something from the other side getting passed, and so they took up all this time in congress session reading books and recipes in front of everyone. I know they do this sometimes to show how much they really oppose what the other side is trying to do, but c’mon, I can’t act like a child at work. I have to compromise with fellow workers and make things happen! We pay their friggun salaries, and so I hate when they stomp their feet like children and dont’ work on compromises and stuff. I agree, we focus on president, but congress is where the real action is at. Well, I guess the lack of action, that is.

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    I agree that money and corporations have gotten too much political power and it isnt good for most of the people. Along this line i also think those very same entities are purposely short sighted. When it comes to economy and environment i fear romney and his proponents are quite willing to ruin sell the future to better the short term and profit at the same time. Penny wise and pound foolish as it goes, only i dont think they are naive i think they are selfish and want to fill their pockets with the penny wise and be long gone by the time the pounds come due. Obama may not have the economy chugging along yet, but yes, i think he is honestly considering the long term. Just like personal finance, get rich quick doesnt usually work. I think Mitt romneys solutions might work, they might even work quicker than obamas. But i think theyre going to hurt more in the next decade or two.

    Just wanted to chime in. Especially because sometimes mitt does seem better, but long term is important too, and while things are tight, i aint starving yet.

  10. PS

    I got sort of abstract there without mentioning specifics (so very politician like). Im referring to the choices between protecting our environment (and health) or selling it for a quick fix to our economic and energy problems. I would like to have just as many national parks 50 years from now. Im also talking about the governments long term investments in education and science, that money creates jobs, not necesarily now, but in 10 to 20 years. And small investments pay off over the long term. Corporations like Bain capital dont, wont, and cant invest in such long term things, the return takes too long. Thats why government needs to do it. China is doing it. I want someone who is long on USA, not Short.

  11. I’m surprised at your reasoning, which seems to entirely focus on how likable you find the candidates. Aren’t you at all concerned about the massive increase in government debt? A 6 trillion dollar increase. In four years. 6 trillion. It took us 250 years to amass 9 trillion in debt, and Obama added 6 trillion in the course of 4 years. How can you vote for that? Ryan could be the biggest prick in the universe, and I still wouldn’t vote for the guy that spent 6 trillion of my money. In four years. How are we supposed to get out from under that? Romney/Ryan have some unpleasant plans about raising taxes and cutting spending. Obama has NO plan. Tim Geitner straight out said they have no plan. Isn’t it your job as president to have a plan about that sort of stuff????
    Oh, and the sciences, which your previous commenter mentioned he would like investment in? they have the lowest level of investment in research in HISTORY currently, because all the money is going to companies such as Solyndra which promptly go bankrupt.
    I hope you reconsider your vote, but anyway I really enjoy your blog, and will have to keep coming back and reading even if I do disagree with your politics :)

    • Lol, well I appreciate you coming back even if we disagree over these two boneheads. I think a lot of the money troubles we got into was from Bush, and Obama’s just been trying to get us back on track. I thought the big thing was that Romney kept saying he was going to cut spending and fix the debt but wasn’t giving his plan, not Obama! Am I wrong?

      • Well, I think so. Romney has given a fairly comprehensive plan. He is eliminating loopholes to make the tax code easier to understand and comply with. He hasn’t said exactly which loopholes, because that needs to be negotiated with congress. As far as I can tell Obama has no plan except spending more money. I agree completely that a lot of these problems can be attributed to Bush, who spent money like it was going out of style. But I don’t think Obama is fixing that, just making it worse.
        Thanks for what might be the most civil political discussion this season!

  12. I’m so glad you’ll be voting. I don’t really care who people vote for, as long as they get educated on the politics and go out and cast a vote. So many people have died to give us that right. Apathy, to me, is the biggest political crime.

    Well-written post. A lot of times these things can get messy and one-sided. But I think you did a good job of explaining your reasoning without turning your readership away.
    femmefrugality recently posted..When Procrastination is Frugal: Free Shipping DayMy Profile

  13. I’ve voted already – love my state’s early voting option. I was pretty set on who I was going to vote for, and the robocalls, “surveys”, junk in my mailbox, and annoying people stationed outside the Board of Elections did nothing to change my mind. (The people outside the BoE have to stay outside a certain radius from the entrance, but you still have to run a gantlet to get within that radius – ugh!)

    There’s no way I could have voted for Mr. Romney. In my opinion, he’s a lying liar who lies and whose past record is full of decisions and opinions that run directly counter to what I believe in. I’m not 100% down with everything Mr. Obama has done, but I do feel he’s a much better leader for our country.

    What just makes me ill is the hypocrisy I see on the part of the Republicans, particularly in Congress. They have done their absolute best to block anything Mr. Obama has supported, even if it’s something they themselves support or that would be beneficial to their party line. But then, surprise, surprise, they point their fingers and blame him for not having done more.

    Sorry – I probably shouldn’t have vented that here. I don’t get to do a lot of political venting in my day-to-day life, and I’m definitely not in with the majority opinion of most of the people I know.

  14. There’s a website called That gives you a little political quiz and then says who’s politics are most similar to yours. I scored mostly even between the Libertarian and Green party candidates. How is that even possible!?!

    When I lived in NJ, I voted 3rd party. Regardless of who I voted for, NJ is going to be a blue state at the end of election day. So I would vote to support a candidate that actually was a decent fit.

    But now I’m in Colorado. Not only are we a swing state, but we could be THE swing state. If Romney wins Ohio and Florida, Colorado will literally decide the election. The cliche could be true and my vote could be the deciding factor.

    That puts a lot of pressure on me to not “waste” my vote with a third party candidate.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..Net Worth Update: October 2012My Profile

    • That quiz is cool, maybe I”ll go take it. Maybe everyone should go take it. I wonder how the country would look if all voted for the correct political party for our beliefs.

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  16. So glad I found this the day after the election and not before (it will make my comment much shorter, too!).

    As I read through the comments, I’m struck by what I hate increasingly about elections. I’d assert that most of the problem we have in the US is that the two sides demonize each other so much. Do we really believe that these patriots who run for office are liars and thieves? Maybe….but I choose to believe that they’re people who want to do what’s best for the country AND get elected.

    The biggest problem is that FOX on the right and MSNBC on the left make SO MUCH MONEY on politics (among others, such as Rush), that it’s become cool to demonize the other side. You know why Washington is broken? Because if a Republican or Democrat talk to the other side THEY WON’T GET RE-ELECTED. So, nobody gives on anything and we end up here on your site, talking about liars and believing every half truth each party line pushes. I think we owe it to ourselves to ask our politicians to compromise and work with people across the aisle. I’m appalled that so many people got angry at Chris Christie for saying the President helped him out. Really? If we want to get anything done, we have to meet halfway. As voters, we shouldn’t be telling our politicians to “get tough.” We should be telling them to “listen.”
    AverageJoe recently posted..How Much Did This Election Really Matter?My Profile

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