The Blue Collar Opinion on the Answers to Gun Violence

I was going to start this off by listing the school shootings that have happened. I went to wikipedia to make sure I was spelling stuff right and dudes, it’s worse than we thought. We don’t see a miniscule bit on the news of all the school shootings that happen! It’s not just Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech, oh no dudes, it’s a lot. A lot.

In a post last week I said what one of my daughter’s schools is doing to protect the students, and I wanted to take a sec and say what I think about the answers that different people have come up with.


Lock ’em down and no one gets in

1. Lock down schools — Man, I’m on board with this. Lock all the doors so no crazy as$holes can get in. Can’t get in to a school, can’t do a school shooting. Sure, some kid could leave a door propped open or something and ruin the whole idea. But dudes, this is one thing schools can do that’s cheap and easy. Lock the doors. No one in unless they go through the front door. And what’s waiting at the front door?

2. A Guard For Every School — Off-duty cops, young vets…dude, get ’em in there. An off-duty cop with a handgun might be able to stop an armed as$hole. And maybe not. But it’s a deterrent either way, right dudes? An armed as$hole is going to know at least one person at every school is armed and waiting.

3. No More Gun Sales/Stricter Gun Laws — This is a dumb idea. Because here’s what happens. Sane and cool people like you and me will turn in our guns (for a ban), or follow the new strict rules (for stricter gun laws), and guess what? Armed as$hole still has his gun. He’s not going to turn it in, no way. And if an as$hole wants to become an armed as$hole, he’ll just get the guns he wants on the black market. Taking away our guns or making stricter laws on them only stops sane, cool people from defending themselves; it doesn’t stop as$holes from getting armed.

What do you dudes think?


The Blue Collar Opinion on the Answers to Gun Violence — 17 Comments

  1. I agree with you 100% TB, especially on number 3. Nothing good can come from everyone having guns but the law abiding citizens.

    In regards to solving the problem, something needs to be done to address the mental illness piece of the equation. I’m just not sure what that is. Some form of warning and help that can be quickly acted on when an individual is a threat to themselves and others. It seems that with most of these killers, someone knew they were disturbed enough to kill the innocent, yet nothing could be done.
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    • You’re right about the mental health thing being a problem that needs to be fixed. Mental health stuff and warning signs seem so confusing though. Do we bust someone for being weird? Dude, we don’t want witch hunt stuff again. There should be some solution in there though for the mental side of things.

  2. A school I attended is on the list in that Wikipedia article. In that case, a student brought a gun in his backpack. The school did have locked doors and (unarmed) guards.

    With most violent crimes, the victim and the perpetrator know each other. Would the guard stop a student, parent, or teacher associated with the school if they had a reasonable excuse to enter?

    The only thing that might have prevented the incident at my school would have been counselling and mental health services BEFORE he got angry enough to bring a gun to school. People knew he was troubled.

    Your suggestions aren’t bad, I just think we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. I do agree with you on #3.

    • That makes sense. I guess people don’t always pick random places, they pick a place they know. And they’d be able to get in if they know the place probably. Man, I’m sorry that happened at a school you were at!

  3. This is a touchy subject, but since I own a gun, I don’t think any type of ban is really necessary. Most of the gun crimes are due to illegally obtained weapons. I don’t carry mine around, nor would I. My county was thinking about adding unarmed guards to each school in the district. Most people except for them though it was a stupid idea. What is an unarmed guard going to do against someone with a weapon? If you are going to put guards in, they better have a weapon on them.
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    • Unarmed guards, ha! I agree, what’s the point? I agree about most gun things being done with illegal weapons, so it does seem dumb to ban guns to lawful, good folks who have guns. And, Americans have had guns since forever, but only now are we getting these shootings…so maybe guns aren’t the problem!

  4. Frankly, I never understood how we have to pass a driver’s test to drive a vehicle and cars are considered a weapon yet there is far less restrictions on guns. Just to add to the argument, I can get a marriage license without any requirements and have children that will ultimately affect society. I am all for freedom, but along with freedom comes responsibility.

    I think gun owners should take responsibility for their guns. Many are transferred to people who commit crimes and the original owner is off the hook. If I loan my car to my child and he/she gets into an accident, I will likely be sued. Just a different perspective!
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    • That’s a great perspective, dude! And true! Tests to pass for a drivers license, and trouble if someone uses your car for something bad. But not so much for guns. People would probably lock their guns up better if the knew they were on the hook.

  5. I thought the Sandy Hook school had the doors locked and the guy busted or shot through them. Also, Columbine had an armed guard and that didn’t help. I think the issue is much more complex than #1 or #2 could solve. I’m not saying that #3 is a solution, but the first two don’t seem to be.
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    • Except that we don’t really know how many crazy dudes decided not to hit a school because it had guards/locked doors. That would be important to know for if #1 and 2 really make sense. I agree about the issue being messy…probably not one easy solution.

  6. I always liked the saying, if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.
    The problem I see with #1 is that a lock isn’t going to stop anyone determined to get in. Especially not when the front door is made of glass.
    As far as #2, who is going to pay? People get up in arms about property taxes and the cost of education as it is; it will be hard to get support to pay the salary of someone just wandering the halls?
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    • Lol, nice saying and probably true.

      School doors and windows often have that wire in there which will stop someone from getting in no matter if they break the glass. But I agree man, #1 and 2 won’t stop a real determined nutter…they could stop some though or make some think twice maybe.

      Haha, who’s going to pay? Aren’t we already a metric ton in debt? What’s a few more million bucks? Haha.

  7. The problem with locking down the schools (besides the fact that kids shouldn’t be equating education with being locked inside a fortress) is that this last crazy broke his way in.

    It’s not that hard to shoot out a lock.

    A trained, armed security guard (heavy emphasis on “trained,” with mental health and drug screening) might not be a bad idea.

    But IMHO the issue runs far deeper than these expedients or than blithely disarming the populace.

    Back in the dark ages when we went to school by gaslight, gun ownership was commonplace. My father had one or two, and I don’t think I knew anyone whose dad or brothers didn’t have at least one gun. But this kind of sh*t wasn’t going on.

    Schools were not locked compounds. There were no security guards or cops on campus. You never saw a campus parking space reserved for the police. In fact, I think the police were not allowed on the campus — they most certainly were NOT allowed to disrupt a class by coming into the room and dragging a kid out, as happens now.

    We need to find out why so many Americans are going spectacularly crazy. Yeah, I know that’s a politically incorrect word, but anyone who goes into a classroom or a theater or a mall or anyplace else and starts spraying bullets at innocents is crazy as a loon.

    Once we know what’s causing this epidemic of madness, maybe we can bring it to a stop.
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    • Maybe that’s part of it, what you said. BAck in the dinosaur days, everyone had guns, so people maybe didn’t think they could go batsh!t crazy and shoot up everyone. Because if you did, the people you killed would have fathers and brothers and sons with guns who would come shoot your a$s up, none of this trial stuff and jail until you rot.

      I don’t think #1 and 2 are the only way to go here, I think maybe they’d be temporary solvers until we can figure out what the hell is going on with all these nutjobs.

    • I’ve only ever lived here so I don’t know what it’s like in other places with guns, but I know us Americans do love our guns. Especially the more you get out into the rural parts! But you know dude, we got to be America because we were rebels and chased the Brits away with our guns… so it’s a big deal for us. Well, some of us anyway.

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