The Adventures of an Unemployed Man

Ronald J. Curell

Ron Curell

Today is a guest post written by Ronald J. Curell. Ron is retired, and is a carpenter, father, hardware worker, and grandfather. Ron wrote this a couple years ago, be sure to let him know what you think!

The strange ability to stand in long lines for hours on end,

Fingers in a flash hit the speed dial on the redial upon hearing, “all circuits are busy, please try again…”

Able to see his jobs disappear overseas…

Can take rejection in a single blow…

The amazing ability to send out résumés each and every day.

Able to sit and watch fuzzy static on the tin-foil wrapped rabbet eared analog televisions,

Can fill in an application in the blink of an eye…

Able to rob Peter to pay Paul… the uncanny know how to keep his left hand from knowing what his right hand is doing…can bend down and pick up a penny on the sidewalk in the blink of an eye…

Can survive on 35 percent of his pay for months at a time….

Knows where the spectacular cups of free coffee are…

With his handy companion: Anita Loan…fighting the evil Vanishing Work and Shrinking Benefits….

Unemployment man that’s the truth and the new American way.


Artist wanted… draw your own conclusions…



The Adventures of an Unemployed Man — 9 Comments

  1. I read a good article in the USA Today paper from yesterday, how the building trades is making a comeback, housing starts are up 25 percent after some of the worst years since the 30s……. a good read from 12-19-12 paper …….as unemployment goes I was long term twice, 1980 and again four years ago…. I knew how the trades worked and or did not so as a family we made plans accordingly, sure I did whatever it took, having five kids…ended up in little factories in the winter (two jobs for almost fifteen years) but we did good and lived within our means and now…..happy ever after is the only way….thing is I have a angel of a wife………..

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  3. I feel like that could just about sum up my hometown in Kentucky. When I graduated from high school, there were several garment factories where you could earn a good wage and benefits, but they have long moved to Mexico. Most people are lucky to get a job at Walmart now. I think they’ve had the highest unemployment rate in the state for a while. Sad for sure when all you want to do is work and there is none.
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