Surprises While Fixing a Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge_2Recently I had to repair a covered bridge. In the pictures, you can see that it’s the bright, new wood that I put up.

Part of the work was replacing these 6×6 beams on the corners of the bridge. They’re called trim boards and are there to make the bridge look nice. I also fixed the structural integrity of the covered bridge. So now it’s back to being a place for people to take pretty pictures after their weddings and other “photo ops” that people get in to.

The weird thing that happened though when I was repairing the bridge, was this…

I was outside the bridge cutting wood on this table that I had set up. I had my radio on and the generator was going on loud. It was obvious that someone was working on the bridge — I was being loud! Covered Bridge

I turn to walk into the bridge and there’s this woman in there peeing. It was crazy. I get that women can pee outdoors, too. Men do it, woman can too, it’s all good. But, for real? Couldn’t she hear the saw and radio and generator? It’s pretty obvious that someone was working there! She had to pee right there? Right where I’m working?

I looked at her and said, “Hello? Working over here!”

And she said, “Oh, sorry,” pulled up her drawers, and walked off like it never happened.

Old crappy pieces of wood

Broken a*s old wood that I replaced


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  1. Oh that’s so disgusting! I have serious beef with public urination… it’s just so unsanitary!
    One of the worst things I ever saw was a woman who was having her toddler pee on the side of a building in the middle of the day at an outdoors public market – with FOOD! The kid was maybe 2 or 3 and there were easily 3 free public restrooms within 100 feet. All I could think about is how that kid would grow up thinking that’s okay when it’s totally not.
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..PoP Balance Sheet – December 2012My Profile

    • Lol, yeah, that’s pretty bad, especially if the bathroom was right there. Sometimes I see people do things with their kids and think, “Seriously?”

  2. We did a lot of work down in the city and homeless people were all the time doing strange things as far as going to the bathroom….one job we had plastic up and temporary heat on and had left empty drywall mud pails in the job, the next day they had used them for bathrooms, the boss said I will show them and took all of them with us that night…next day the appearance had to clean up the corners of the job so we could work, boss said I will leave the buckets from now on………….another job it was cold and winter and the port a potty was the only warm place in sight, each morning we had to wake up the guy sleeping in it and ask him to move along.

    • Then there are the hotel jobs that are 5 and 6 stories high and the “guys” are too lazy to go down to the port a potty’s so they use the not hooked bath tubs with drywall or insulation junk in them or the ever present glue tubes…fun being a labor on those jobs….

  3. My Uncle is an lineman for the electric company and says it never stops amazing him how people just pretend he is not there.

    Now on another front I can not figure out why your posts are not updating on my blog!!! I want to make sure people are reading you…I wish I knew more about computers. If you have an idea let me know

  4. Isn’t that bizarre?

    Was there no other sheltered place she could go? Some women are afraid to go behind the shrubbery, because they think passers-by will ogle them, no matter how far out in the sticks they are. Could be she figured she could do the job before you noticed! 😀

    SDXB and I used to have a favorite place to hang our hammocks, back off a trail that goes through a large mountain park here. It’s a long way from the trailhead (meaning relatively few people go back there) and because the paloverde and mesquite grow pretty thick there, it’s sheltered and shady. One day I went up there figuring to spend an afternoon loafing in the shade, only to find morons were using it as their private toilet.

    Being the passive-aggressive type, the next time I was up there I took a sign and nailed it to the tree inside the bosque: “This is our favorite place. Please use the bathroom before you start, or go somewhere else.”

    Worked! Interestingly, a year later the sign, printed with a Sharpie on cardboard, was still there.
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  5. A few months ago I was working a night shift with my boss. Road is pretty dead at 3am and she really had to go so she pulled over, told me to turn towards the road and peed behind the truck. It was kind of weird knowing that my boss was going to the bathroom 2 feet from me.
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