Road Rage With a Gun — The Verdict

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might remember that I got involved in a road rage incident with this guy. The court case for it kept dragging on because lawyers love to get continuances. But finally, dudes, it’s over. Now I can finally tell the whole story of what happened, and let you know what the guy’s verdict was.

Here’s what happened:

My buddy and I were driving to a job site. This guy cut us off and so I flipped him the bird. He got pissed about that, so he started driving really slow in front of us.

I start honking because now he not only cut me off, but is driving slowly. This pissed him off and so he moved back over a lane, and then when we got to a red light, he started yelling at me through our open windows. I started yelling back because I’m not always great at controlling my temper.

Off the hookStill at the red light, he opens his car door and half gets out, still yelling. I open my truck door and get out and walk around his car, still yelling at him (Blue Collar Tip: Don’t be a dumba*s like I was). I see him reach into his car and I see he has a gun.

I stop yelling immediately and go back to my truck, get in, and when the light turns green, I’m outta there.

But he follows, closely.I can see in my rear-view mirror that he’s still yelling.

So I do something else not very smart and pull over into a parking lot. The guy follows my buddy and I into the parking lot. I got out of my truck and started walking towards his car, he was still yelling at me. He half opened his door again, I can see he has that gun and is pointing it at me.

And man, I grabbed him by the throat and threw him down onto the pavement. I still had him by the throat on the pavement and gave him a couple punches. I mean, he was pointing a frickin gun at me, man!

The police came very shortly after that. He was arrested.

And how did the police know to come? Because the guy called the police on himself! When I saw him yelling in his car behind me, right before I pulled into the parking lot, he was on the phone with the police. The recording of the call has him saying, “I’ve got a gun, I think I’m going to shoot this guy….” Stuff like that.

In the roadrage trial, it did come out that he had a history of psychological problems.

The verdict?

Nothing. I don’t get to know what happened. He either took some sort of plea bargain or the case was dropped. Either way, he got off the hook, and I don’t get to know why/how!

It sucks.

Take home message for the kids? Do whatever you want, you’ll probably get away with it.


Road Rage With a Gun — The Verdict — 44 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, TB! That is so crazy! I have a road rage story. I was pregnant with my second child and got behind this car who was driving between 15 and 20 mph in a 35. It was super annoying, so I turn my left turn signal on, went into the turn lane, then passed him. REALLY STUPID, I KNOW! But he was going SO SLOW! I didn’t flip him off or anything…I just passed him instead of turning left. Anyway, he started following right behind me. All of a sudden, there was nothing wrong with the gas pedal in his car and he’s half hanging out the window, honking at me, and yelling obscenities. I was so terrified. I called my husband and told him he needed to meet me pronto, because I accidentally pissed some jerk off (huh huh..) and was scared now. He met me 15 minutes later, the whole time, this guy was following behind me and going crazy! I got out of the car, being my visibly pregnant self, and ran to my husband, a huge guy who now had a beef with this crazy jerk for making me cry. The guy got out of the car and walked right up to Jeff and just said “you need to tell your wife not to drive so dangerously” and got back in his car. That’s all that was said. Well, I don’t remember if Jeff said anything actually. I was just happy I hadn’t caused a bigger mess. We were lucky he didn’t try to start a fight or have a gun, since I wasn’t in any state to help Jeff! I will never, and I mean NEVER, do something so stupid again. From now on, if anyone drives annoyingly slow in front of me, I just give them space and show up to my destination late. Better late than starting a fight with a possibly crazy person.
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    • Holy crap! Man, at least you had the clearness of head to call your husband and meet him. Who knows what else that guy would’ve done if Jeff wasn’t there. People are crazy! It’s crazy when they don’t cool off quickly after something happens on the road. If someone cuts me off or flips me the bird, I get pissed for a second and then forget about it. But the guy following you… what the hell? Let it go! Or the guy who followed me into the parking lot — let it go dude! Glad you’re okay. Glad I’m okay.

    • Well, I can’t be calling the kettle black, ’cause I’ve sure pulled a few of my own dumb stunts, too (like blowing a red light through the intersection of two six-lane main drags because I was too busy yakking to pay attention…). But gosh…I’m afraid the crazy jerk was right on that one. Lucky he wasn’t truly batsh*t.
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  2. People are crazy that’s why I never honk at anyone. You never know who had that bad day and just absolutely loses it, like in an episode of Criminal Minds.

    • No kidding man, it’s ridiculous that a bad day would make someone go crazy enough to kill, but that’s just the crazy country we live in, I guess

    • It was weird he called the cops himself, the recording of the call was weird — but it worked out well for me having the cops show up so quickly!

  3. Can a guy with psych problems who is dumb enough to call the police on himself still have a gun permit? Or be let go with a slap on the wrist if he pointed an illegal gun at you in the middle of the day? Love the system.
    I let it go when people behave like that. BF doesn’t and once we were driving in Guatemala and a guy started passing us and going slow too. They looked like narcotraffickers, black car, tainted windows, so it was almost sure they were armed too, yet BF had to play with them. Until he really freaked out too and listened to my plea to let them drive away!
    Sorry your trial was dropped, so much time lost for nothing!
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  4. Yes, I’ve been following the ‘road rage with a gun’ miniseries for a while now!

    ok, A couple of bonehead moves on your part, but your bonehead moves may have been the only justice that got served. That’s life in America I guess. I’m glad you got a few punches in on him and hopefully the trial process scared him into not waiving a gun around again.

    I can’t believe he would get off with no penalty. I guess he could have been found innocent, but I can’t believe that would happen with him saying “I’ve got a gun, I think I’m going to shoot this guy….” Surely he got community service and/or probation at least.

    The verdict is most likely public record, although most municipalities don’t make it very cheap or easy to access. If you even care, a call to the court might help you find the outcome if you were a participant in the case. Or better yet, just have a great story to tell, forget about the rest of it, and move on into the holiday season thankful you didn’t hurt your hand punching this guy! I mean how would you plan on double fisting Christmas cookies with a bunch of broken fingers! :-)

    • Haha, right on man, right on. My grandma’s fudge wouldn’t be as great if I couldn’t have all my fingers working. :-) I thought the same thing when the verdict or case being dropped or whatever was told to me — at least I got a few good punches in on him!

    • As a legal gun owner, even I think he should have his privileges revoked for such an idiot move.

      I would never in a billion years think to shoot someone unless that person was trying to take my life in a situation I personally did not initiate.

    • I think she’s right to be like that — there are crazies out there! Of course you can’t be a complete doormat either because it would take you 5 years to get anywhere because everyone would be cutting you off and stuff.

  5. I hope no one takes this the wrong way but maybe “cutting off” is sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, in the eye of the beholder…? I mean, we all have to share the road, and when you try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so that you don’t get mad and give profane hand gestures or honk, it might help. It might be that sometimes people just have to get over. I’m not saying I was there or that I know this about you, TB, but I’ve been in cars with drivers who think anyone in the vicinity of their vehicle is trying to mess with them, when really, other drivers have to use the lane, sometimes in front of you. Same thing with the commenter who passed someone – it sounded like unsafely – it might appear OK when you’re doing it but it would seem to the other driver that the commenter “cut her off,” especially if she was going around in the turn lane impatiently – get my drift? I might be one of the slower drivers out there (probably average, but you know how there is always someone faster wherever you go) but sometimes I just have to get in a lane so I don’t miss my exit, and I try, but when I have to merge, I wish others wouldn’t sit 2 inches behind my bumper out of anger that I had to get in when they seem to think the road should be open for miles ahead of them or it’s an affront to them.
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    • I don’t disagree with you on that. Sometimes people honk at me for cutting them off when I wasn’t even close, and I bet I flip the bird sometimes when someone didn’t really cut me off. But either way, pulling out a gun probably isn’t the best reaction!

      • Definitely agreed – that’s way out of control! I guess the sad truth is that no matter what we do, others are going to have anger management problems. You know those right-turn “exit”-like things, so you can turn before the light? The other day I approached one of those and a woman with her tiny kid were already ON the concrete island and stepping into the crosswalk right in front of me. Naturally I had to stop and let them cross. A sports car behind me just LAID ON the horn, then drove around and turned hard right (bypassing the exit-like thing) and tore off down the road burning rubber. Where are the cops when something like this happens? That lady and kids would have been run over, had I not been first in line.

        The time I almost got out of the car was just the same, except turning into the school parking lot. I was like, “Pardon me for stopping to let child pedestrians cross and not running them over” because the dude behind me pulled up next to me, honking and waving his arms. Everyone knows in a school zone you’ve got to be careful. No matter what, I’m not going to terrorize kids who are crossing in front of me! I decided that talking to someone that angry could end badly – like if he had a gun! Or he’d at least curse me out if that much of a hothead.
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        • Yeah, I guess my story is a great example of why talking to other drivers, especially when people are mad, is a dumb idea. Just do what you think is right, drive safe, and don’t flip off or yell at other drivers. Man, in a school zone too, jeez.

  6. I meant “sometimes have to get over into a lane.” Wasn’t trying to comment on your story, specifically, TB, just in general. It sounds like you and the other commenter already realize that you could have handled it differently – and BTW, slower or more likely dangerous drivers make my blood boil now and then. I almost stepped out of my car to speak with a raving nut a few weeks ago but – LOL – my kids convinced me not to and I realized I should be a good role model for them. Sounds like your experience was hellish and glad you’re OK.
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  7. Wow, I’m not sure what to make of the situation. He was stupid to pull a gun on you and it wasn’t very smart that you stopped to confront a man you knew had a gun. I’m glad no one got hurt!

    Sucks though, people like that create a very negative stigma for law abiding gun owners like myself. Statistically speaking, we are the most law abiding segment of the population.

  8. OMG, TB: it’s a double case of testosterone poisoning! 😉

    You really couldn’t get ahold of the court records? Usually that stuff is public record. Especially if you’re considered a “victim”…they’re supposed to let you know where the perp is.

    So…this chucklehead has a history of psych problems AND he’s packing heat? I wonder how he got a pistol. He must have bought it at a gun show or privately. Or had someone else buy it for him.

    That’s the big issue for me. I happen to believe the 2nd Amendment indeed does say US citizens have a right to own guns. However, I don’t think it necessarily extends that right to felons and known crazies. When we’ve got a guy (or gal) who’s known to be unbalanced and known to have a temper, we need to keep guns out of that person’s hands.
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    • I guess I could try and get a hold of the records — they certainly weren’t offered to me though! I have no idea how this guy got a gun with his history of problems — although there’s a black market for those things, so maybe that’s how he got it.

  9. Wow, I’m glad it didn’t come down to something worse. Sounds crazy… are you for real? Wow. You’re too brave for getting out of your vehicle knowing he has a gun. I don’t drive, but in L.A. its particularly dangerous to yell at people from your car. I read a story about a guy who did just that, 2 guys came out and beat him close to death. Terrible, terrible story, yet it happens. Several years ago another was shot for the very same reason.
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    • It was crazy and I really shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck when I knew he had a gun. I wasn’t thinking real good on that one, but it did turn out okay and I got to give him a couple punches since I think he got off the charges! The LA stories you mentioned — that’s the main reason why I wasn’t so smart…people really do get shot over traffic incidents and they really can get hurt.

  10. Hey saw your comment on FS about your increased Alexia rating over on Financial Samurai and wanted to say congrats, I like you blog, very different from most out there.

    For myself I never expect to get above 1 million or soon my blog:)
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    • Thanks man, I appreciate it. I’ve been over to your blog, I think it’s good stuff. Posting 2-3 times/month may not drop your alexa very much, but it will make for some high quality posts! Quality over quantity, right?

  11. Hmm, glad that turned out well for you. Could have easily gone the other way. As with everyone else, I have a few stories of road rage under my belt, in my younger and more foolish days. Nowadays, I try to just slow down or pull over and let it pass.
    By the way, most if not all states have legislation provisions to ensure that crazies like this don’t retain their concealed carry permits (assuming he had one in the first place) after incidents of this sort.
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    • Yes it really could’ve gone the other way for me. I work on trying to think more before acting, and I do much better than my younger days, but sometimes…like with this guy… it’s tough! In this case it’s good no one got really hurt and hopefully his gun was taken away, so no one gets hurt in the future by him.

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  13. Did you press menacing charges against him? Just curious what kind of charges he got off on… Did he press charges against you? Could he have pressed assault charges?

    We have red light cameras now, so I never press yellows to get through anymore… I don’t want to miscalculate and end up with a $300+ ticket! But there have been a couple of times that the person behind me yelled at me for not going through. One got out of her car and stood at the side of my driver side door screaming. I just looked straight ahead… she got back in her car and made an illegal turn on a red light and I never saw her again, but I was terrified of a what was probably a 17-year-old.
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    • It’s great you kept your cool when that chick got out and started yelling at you through the window. I can stay pretty cool, but man, when someone starts getting out of their car, it’s tough to stay cool! Staying in your car is sure the safest solution though :-)

    • About the assault charges — I think he could have made those charges, but the way things were going, it was pretty clear that my punches were in self-defense because of the gun. Anytime a gun becomes involved in a case, it trumps everything. If there’d been no gun, then he would’ve pressed assault charges and won; of course if there’d been no gun, I never would’ve punched him.
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    • No one should have commutes like most people do, or drive around all day like I do, but don’t be afraid to drive! I think people stay out of trouble if they just keep cool and don’t flip other people off.

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