Road Rage With a Gun… for real

We all know about road rage and we’ve all heard the extreme stories of someone pulling a gun on someone else over a traffic dispute. This story is just like that…except it happened to me.

What happened is actually an ongoing court case right now which I’ve had to miss some work for, so I’m not sure I’m allowed to share all the details yet. But here’s what I can say.

If you have a road rage problem, don't bring this in the car with you

For starters, I know that I can have a hot temper sometimes, and I sometimes make decisions based on what feels right at the time, but later I think maybe wasn’t the best move. And since I’m on the road all day, I’ve surely had my share of traffic incidents going between job sites. But still in all, this was pretty freaking scary.

Driving to a job site, there was a slight traffic incident that made this guy mad at me (yes, that was intentionally vague — this is a court case right now, remember?). So at a stoplight, he pulled up next to me and starting yelling because our windows were down. I shouldn’t have, but I yelled back, and things escalated (when the case is over, I’ll tell you exactly how!)

And before I knew it, there was a gun in his hand. Pointed at me. Look, I’ve seen disturbing things and had disturbing things happen to me, but this was… this was another level, man.

I drove away. He didn’t fire.

Honestly, it's best to just roll up your window and close your mouth

But he did follow me. I pulled over in a parking lot and he followed me in (why did I pull over when the guy had a gun? To this day, I honestly don’t know why. But here’s a tip, if someone has a gun, don’t be dumb and pull over!). I can’t say just yet what happened in that parking lot (intentionally vague again!), but that gun was never fired. And the police did show up and bring that man to jail.

And that’s really the good news of the story. The gun, which did turn out to be loaded and ready, was never fired.

Be careful out there guys (and girls)! Some people do have guns and some people are frickin’ insane!


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Road Rage With a Gun… for real — 30 Comments

    • It IS great that they came — I really can’t say just yet how the police knew to come, it’s an integral (and weird) part of the trial! I promise an update though when the case is over!

    • I totally agree. I lose my temper sometimes, I do, but to pull a gun on someone over traffic? That’s just something else entirely.

  1. OMG…. I’m so glad you are okay. Next time, just drive off and drive to a police station, and catch his license plate. It’s a good thing the cops came!!!

    I have had my fair share of fights as well. I have a hot temper too… I can’t control it, but I really need to. Words just come out of my mouth when I’m angry, especially when I’m not at fault! I have to be really careful now.

    I can’t wait to hear all the details…
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    • Definitely. Next time I absolutely agree that driving to the police station is the best idea. I was an idiot for stopping. Keep that hot temper in control, you never know what looney toon you might cross on the road these days!

  2. HOLY COW! I would flip out if someone pulled a gun on me over anything let alone road rage. Where I live almost EVERYONE has their concealed carry license and they carry guns everywhere.
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  3. Geez crazy story. Can’t wait until the trial is over and we can hear the rest of it. I have a temper when I drive too, but it’s never lead to anything like that. I’ve been pretty tempted to pull over and start shit and I’ve had someone follow me into parking lot, but that was the extent of those situations. Sounds like buddy just thought he was tough shit carrying around his gun. What a punk.
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  4. You were lucky. A practically identical story happened here in Phoenix just a few weeks ago. The driver who pulled over was shot and killed by the sh!theads who were pursuing him.

    The best thing to do in these circumstances is to drive to the nearest hospital emergency room, fire station, or police station, pull your car as close to the front door as you can get it, and lay on the horn.
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    • That’s definitely the best idea about going to the ER or police, I didn’t think of it at the time, but great idea man!

  5. Last time road rage happened to me, it happened twice on the same night. In both cases, the car ahead of me pulled out in front of me, then chose to drive 10-15 mph below the speed limit. In both cases, I ended up right on their tail (I know, I know…I should have just hit my brakes much earlier, but it ticks me off when people pull out in front of me and then slow down). So, both times, they drove even slower just to make me mad. In the second instance, the car had 4 teenagers and they ended up stopping on the road and yelling at me. I came close to doing something stupid, but I just sat there waiting on them to drive on. While I was thinking big, brave thoughts, the other thought that came around was that they could have a gun. Or, they’d call the cops on me. Either way, not a cool moment.

    Glad you ended up not being shot.

  6. Umm…yeah, I’m not really sure how I’d handle that situation. I know there are crazies out there so I do my best to keep my cool when driving. I’ve found that it doesn’t do any good to be in a rush when driving or to get angry. There is no good that comes when somebody is angry and wants to get somewhere in a hurry. They just turn into a completely douche.
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  8. I am enjoying your blog; hope you don’t mind if I comment on an old post. I am glad it turned out OK and I hope you learned to just look like a robotic idiot the next time someone yells at you, like “me no understand, me no see you” and calmly drive away.

    I’m a mild-mannered (well, for the most part) female and a slow-ish, patient driver, and I can get worked up at times, mainly by things like extreme, unsafe tailgating. To be honest, I have been known to honk, make gestures (not obscene ones) or yell (through glass) but only if it looks like a dumb-looking woman on the other side of the incident. If it’s a man – less likely; if it’s a rough-around-the-edges man (look, we all make these kinds of assessments when deciding whether to confront people or leave them alone) I play dumb and calm. Once I followed a pizza girl for blocks and parked next to her at the end of a dark cul-de-sac, got out of the car (I think she was peeing her pants by then) and simply but loudly chastised her for driving so fast in our residential neighborhood, and threatened to call her employer (and I did. I’m sure they did nothing about it.) That’s as bad as I’ve ever gotten. I try very hard now to just NOT get worked up – it isn’t worth it. I tell myself: I have to go home to my own family who are waiting for me – the other person doesn’t go home to my family, and I’ll never ever ever see them again, so just *let it go*.
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