Removing Smart Fortress 2012…The Blue Collar Way

Spring is in the air, birds chirping, bunnies frolicking, pollen and viruses floating around… the virus I’m talking about is a computer virus though.

I was blogging the other day and this window popped up on the screen in bright red.  It said that it detected 38 viruses and trojans on my computer that would steal my credit card information, steal my passwords, and get my bank account information. The window looked official with the red shield and it looked a lot like Symantec.

Looks can be deceiving

I know this is hard to believe because of some of my mistakes in judgment, but I didn’t click on the “scan my system” button that the pop-up wanted.   I did the only think I could think to do, I called my sister.

She’s no computer genius, but she can fix most of my problems (the computer ones anyway). She told me not to do anything (I was pretty proud that I didn’t) and she looked up the name of the anti-virus company on her computer. She lives in a different city so she helps me over the phone.

She told me that I did good not clicking on it or ignoring it because it was a virus.  A virus called Smart Fortress 2012. She told me to do a virus scan with my Symantec program. When I called her back to say that it said my computer was clean, she said that that wasn’t surprising. She had been doing research on it while the scan was running and this virus can’t be caught by Symantec.

She told me to try other programs on my computer.  I clicked on them and nothing happened.  She wasn’t surprised again, she said that the virus makes programs not open. She said that there were 2 ways to get rid of the virus.  One was manually doing it (she talked about finding files and deleting them and I just don’t understand that stuff) and one was using a free program you find online called malwarebytes.

But the virus wasn’t letting me open Firefox. We didn’t know what to do until she asked if I still had Internet Explorer on my computer (she told me to change to Firefox awhile ago). She thought I could try that. I did have Internet Explorer still on my computer and when I tried it, it opened!

A REAL virus

She gave me the website for malwarebytes and each step of the downloading process took a really long time because the virus slowed everything down. And it kept giving me pop-up windows saying that malwarebytes was a dangerous website (only dangerous to you, virus!).

I finally got malwarebytes on my computer and it got rid of Smart Fortress 2012 fast.  It was easy and it was free (no, I’m not getting paid by them, unfortunately). And my computer is clean again.

Be careful “out there” guys.

Have you had any bad computer virus problems? How did you fix them? Do you have good virus software that you swear by?


If you’re any good at computers, then you can check out how to remove Smart Fortress manually, but if you’re like me, then Malwarebytes is the way to go!

Andrea at Curiosity Killed the Blog has an excellent post on plugins — one of them helps fight against blog hackers.


Removing Smart Fortress 2012…The Blue Collar Way — 3 Comments

  1. That’s good! I’m glad you were able to get rid of that nasty virus. I had similar experience. Unfortunately, I did click on the “scan my system” button, and my computer got infected. It took me about four hours before I found malwarebytes. But, I used it, and my computer was back to clean again. Thank goodness your sister was able to help you.
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  2. I had a virus like this recently though it didn’t really give me any options to click or anything it just automatically started ‘scanning’ my computer. I knew what was going on right away and grabbed a few files that weren’t already backed up, shut down the computer, unplugged the network cable and waited for hubby to come home and make it all better. We hadn’t reformatted in awhile so he just wiped it and we started fresh.
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