Protect Your Home From Flooding

Lots of people think about being preventive and protecting themselves from disaster when it comes to home maintenance. But how many people actually do the work to protect themselves versus just thinking about it? Because of course, when disaster strikes, it’s too late.

Insurance is great, but what else can you do?

flood liquor

What you’ll need if you don’t protect yourself and disaster hits

In the case of flooding, my entire neighborhood has some experience. I mentioned in the giveaway that I had, how after some serious rain storms recently, my front doormat floated its way to our back door. You can imagine what water levels like that do to a crawlspace.

The Solution?

  1. You should have a generator on hand. If the power goes out, a generator can keep you in business for quite some time if you need. With the storms we had, we didn’t need the generator for running our TV to keep us from being bored; we needed the generator to keep the sump pumps working.
  2. You should have a working sump pump. About 90% of homes have a working sump pump (I talk more about how they work here). You’d probably know if it was busted. But have you ever thought about a secondary sump pump? I have a backup one just in case. You can call me paranoid, but I call myself prepared. And guess what? I’ve had to use that backup sump pump more than once now to save my home from some major flooding damage.

A little preparation goes a long way, dudes. If your home is in a flood prone spot, you should definitely consider investing in a backup generator and backup sump pump. If you’re not in a flood prone place, I still suggest a backup generator. Be prepared, dudes, be prepared.


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