Overpriced Sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut

I took a job recently altering a desk at a Sunglass Hut in the mall. I don’t know, dudes, but Cubby Hole Desk 1Sunglass Hut seems like a waste of money to me. Now hear me out, I’m glad for the work, but those sunglasses cost a ton of money!

Why do people spend so much on sunglasses they’ll probably sit on? That happens to a lot of my sunglasses.

Anyway, the job was pretty standard. Their desk in the store didn’t have anywhere to put stuff behind it and they wanted me to make little cubby holes. And I did. Looks pretty standard, right? Well, it was.

The dudes in there were nice, and it was empty so we got to shoot the breeze while I added the cubby holes. Nothing against those guys, but man, they sell overpriced sunglasses!

Cubby Hole Desk 2


Overpriced Sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut — 13 Comments

  1. Seriously! I had to get a last-minute Christmas gift certificate for one of the kids who wanted to select his own sunglasses. I checked every store I could, and one of them was the perfectly-named “Sunglass Hut.” But the prices made me do a double-take, and I got out of that website as fast as I possibly could. I ended up getting him a Walmart gift certificate. Lame, I know, but seriously – every sports or outdoor store had glasses that were like $70 on up, and really, do they have to cost that much?? For a (big) kid who may promptly lose them or step on them?
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  2. I agree with you! They are very expensive, and I certainly don’t see the reason for it. I keep sunglasses in the car and I’m always dropping them or misplacing, etc. I’d hate having an overpriced pair that I’d constantly be stressed about losing or breaking. I guess some people can afford them, while others can’t but they want to show others that they can. In the latter, it’s all about posturing and image.
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    • Yeah, image is a big thing for a lotta people. My sunglasses get scratched up a lot at work and I sit on them in my truck,so expensive ones don’t make sense. And do they block the sun better? I doubt it.

  3. Most of them are ridiculously priced for crap. Many of the popular, higher end brands used to be pretty high quality, but now a company called Luxottica owns most of them and they are assembly line cheap, but they still charge for the brand name. If you work on the water and need polarization, there are some quality sunglasses that make a difference. If you need a prescription, a quality brand is the only way you can do that, and there are some decent ones that are made in Europe or the US, but things like in Sunglass Hut or even in any optical store are no better for UV protection that ones from a discount store.
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  4. For as expensive as the sunglasses are, they don’t pay their employees all that much. I dated a girl in college who worked there and she made minimum wage and was the assistant manger in all but name.

    I’ve never actually owned a pair of sunglasses, unless you count the shaded safety glasses I have to wear at work over my regular glasses. And all that weight on my nose starts to hurt after a while.
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  6. I used to buy my sunglasses at the dollar store because I always break/sit/step on their. I wear glasses and I found the type of sunglasses that fit over your current glasses. They are a bit dorky but I am a big dork so the look works for me. I paid just over $25 for them 4 years ago and I have to say, that was money well spent. Still, $25 seems like a HUGE expense for me. I guess deep down, I am a dollar store kind of girl!

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  8. I found a pair of versace on their website. Found the same one on the official versace website that are cheaper. Really…?

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