Old Buildings That Go Untouched

When you get called to a work site, sometimes you just don’t know what you’ll end up seeing. Sometimes everything is normal, sometimes you smell marijuana, sometimes you get stiffed, sometimes you find a stiff….

Boarded Up Windows

Boarding up windows on an old building

Recently I was called to board up some windows on this old building. The building was in a particularly bad part of town and so I did some preparations to secure my truck and tools for going there (last time I heard gunshots in that part of town and couldn’t get out fast enough).

But none of that dramatic stuff would happen this time.

I get to the building, check out the exterior and the windows that need to be boarded up, and then I went to check out the building interior.

Old printing factory

Old printing factory on the inside

Man, it was cool as hell! It turned out to be a printing factory that stopped printing in the 1950s. It looks like they just turned the machines off and walked away. Never came back. The building looks exactly like it did in the 1950s, filled with all these old machines.

Being in the neighborhood it’s in, it’s hard to believe that no one stole the old machines, but then I guess you never know what people will or won’t do.

So I boarded up the windows as requested, locked it up, and now it’ll stand for who knows how many more years, just like it did from the 1950s.


Old Buildings That Go Untouched — 31 Comments

    • Yeah, usually in the old buildings there’s a fair amount of vandalism and usually a person or two living in there. But this one was completely empty.

  1. Very interesting. How do you have the … you know what to go to these parts of town. I’d be shaking in my boots. On another thought, I took a printing class in high school where OUR machines looked like they were from the 50’s. Did you take any more photos we can see? You need to be carrying a camera or an iphone with all the adventures you get into! You realize, you could write a book about this?
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    • Lol, not sure I’m the best at writing a full book. I admit that I don’t like going to those parts of town. It’s dangerous, especially when you’re driving around in a truck full of expensive tools. I always go in and get out as fast as possible.

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    • Yeah, I agree. The doors were locked up pretty good, but there were some windows that had clearly been broken (which is why they needed to be boarded up) so you’d think someone might be in there.

    • Yeah man. When I see old building sometimes that are falling apart, I always think about the spare wood/brick in there that could be used for something else, lol

  3. It’s interesting that cities let these old buildings go to wrack and ruin. Really, municipalities should exercise eminent domain to tear down decrepit buildings that can’t be repurposed for new uses, but preferably they should encourage creative ways to renovate and find positive uses for historic old piles like this.

    Sometimes I think cities (at least the one I live in…) deliberately work to foster blight, by way of forcing the middle class to move outward to suburbs built by the developers who routinely have key elected & appointed leaders in their pocket. The kind of neighborhood you’re describing sometimes can be revived and turned into a decent place to live, but it takes the cooperation of the people who live there, the people who would like to live and do business there, and city leadership. 😀 Good luck with that!
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