New Air Conditioners Really Do Save You Money

Summers here and you want to cool your house or condo? Well let me tell you something that’s not-so-secret about air conditioning units.

Recently I had to go to a woman’s house to remove her old air conditioning unit and put a new one in.

Pretty cut-and-dry installation really. Since air conditioners can have a lot of environmental impacts, it’s
important to do the removal of one correctly. I actually had a guy helping me with that. We had to remove the freon from the a/c system, bottle it up specially, and dispose of it properly.  There’s all kinds of protocols on that.

Putting in the new unit was pretty easy.

Let me tell you this about air conditioners — the smaller, old air conditioners suck. New air conditioners these days are a lot bigger than the old ones, and when it comes to an a/c unit, the bigger the better. If you have a big air conditioner, you will save so much money.

People don’t think it, but bigger is better with air conditioners. Don’t be cheap when you buy a new a/c because you’ll lose money in the long run. The new ones are big, but they work way more efficiently than the smaller ones.

Crappy, old air conditioning unit from the 1980s

When I checked up on this woman after installing her new a/c she told me that her energy bill had been cut almost
in half (!!) since I put in the new a/c unit. It probably would’ve been even cheaper, but some of that month still had her old a/c unit on the bill.

I sound like a freakin’ salesman here, but if you have a tiny old a/c, then you need to get a new one, a bigger one.  This is one case where bigger is better, and you will save so much money and energy!

And the same goes for furnaces. The bigger they are, the more efficiently your home will be heated or cooled.

And while I’m at it, if you change your a/c unit, change your heater too. Do them both, it’s better that way. Sort of like when you go to get your tires changed. You don’t just replace one, you do all four.

You get what you pay for with a/c units and the bigger, the better. Your cooling costs will be cut by a lot!



New Air Conditioners Really Do Save You Money — 18 Comments

  1. Excellent info! We will be looking at a new furnace in the next few years and I will keep this in mind. I also enjoyed your Disney post. Love that place – they definitely know what they’re doing :)
    Jane recently posted..Just Do It!My Profile

  2. When is the cross-over point? One year? Two years? I mean….you pay so much money for a big air conditioner, there’s gotta be a point that it’s actually made more for you than the cost. Curious how soon that might be. I suppose it depends on your current conditioner, too.

    BTW, what about thermostats? I was reading recently about the automatic touch screen thermostats that’ll detect movement in the room and turn on/off air/heat as needed. Do you have experience with those?

    Holy cow that’s a bunch of questions! Sorry. Great topic.
    AverageJoe recently posted..7 Financial Hacks to AvoidMy Profile

  3. It’s hard to tell whether my new unit is more efficient than the old one. I suspect it has to be installed correctly. The company that put it in must not have done the world’s greatest job, because it ran noisy (it’s a heat pump) and I saw zero change in my bills.

    Then nothing would do but my son gave me a new and very fancy programmable thermostat (the “Nest” — you’ve gotta see this gadget!). Already knew that this would run up my bills, because the cheaper Honeywell did exactly that. My bills are always lower when I can manually turn the unit off if it’s not needed. Oh well…I couldn’t very well refuse. One does not refuse gifts from sons.

    So my May bill was $91 this year, compared to $69 in May 2011 and $73 in 2010, when the decrepit old unit was up there. The house is a little more comfortable, but either the unit is not really any more efficient than the 15-year-old hail-battered clunker, or I need to turn the thermostat higher than 80 degrees during the day.

    Now, $91 isn’t bad during a month of 100-degree days. But when you’re busted disgusted & can’t be trusted, $69 is much preferable.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Competitive Shopping at the Home DepotMy Profile

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