Knowing When it’s Time to Quit Your Job

Many many years ago, I had a job doing maintenance for an apartment community. It was a cool job because the repairs were never that hard and the dudes I worked with were pretty cool. I might even still be there today if not for one thing.

My boss.

As a boss, he was pretty normal except for how he scheduled us. For all the maintenance guys, he refused to schedule us fairly. In most non-9-5 jobs, you get scheduled for working different shifts. First shift, second shift, or third shift. They usually break down something like this:

First shift = 6am – 2pm

Second shift = 2pm – 10pm

Third shift = 10pm – 6am

Quitting Your Job

Leave the walkie and just walk away

In a lot of places, employees start by only working third shifts (which sucks, but you’re at the bottom of totem pole, so you gotta put in your time), and eventually get to work second shift, and then first shift. Some places rotate shifts, but they’re usually careful about it to make sure no employee is working two shifts in a row or some other shit*y shift combination.

But this boss at the apartment complex I worked at didn’t have the maintenance workers all with certain shifts. He kept changing our schedules around.

Changing schedules around is hard because your sleep schedule gets crazy and you can’t plan to do anything with friends because you never know what your schedule will be next week.

This boss did one worse though and didn’t plan shifts well. He had me and other dudes sometimes working two shifts in a row, or first and third shifts in the same day… it was crappy.

Eventually it got bad enough that I knew it was time to quit. Being a shift worker is okay if the shifts are fair and are sorta employee friendly, but that’s not always the way it goes.

So one day I got called in last minute to do third shift. I showed up and was fixing this bathtub drain when my boss called me on the walkie talkie and said that I had a shower head to fix next, and that I would need to stay on for the first shift in the morning.

I put down the walkie talkie in that bathtub, walked out of that apartment, and never went back. It was time to quit and I had reached that point where either I was going to punch a hole through a wall, or I just needed to leave.

So I left.

I was young then. I know now that it’s best to formally quit and stuff. But either way, when it’s time to quit a job, it’s time to quit. And sometimes that’s just what you gotta do.


Knowing When it’s Time to Quit Your Job — 22 Comments

    • It’s definitely more reliable than shift work which is always changing. I like being done at 5 usually on most days, it’s way better than 3rd shift!

  1. i have a couple I quit stories and yes you need to know when to walk, but with wife and five childern back in the day….i almost always tryed to have one lined up……..someday i wll tell you ablut the day i was fired or did i quit…still not sure…..

    • Setting boundaries with yoru boss is of course someething we learn how to do better when we get older! I defintiely didn’t know how to do that back then.

    • Man, that really sucks. I hear peopel talk about that sometimes — feeling actually sick when going to a job. You definitely know it’s time to quit then!

  2. I had a job I was miserable in. It paid me so well that I couldn’t bring myself to quit.

    I eventually got fired.

    It was a lot of people’s fault that caused it to be a bad job. I knew I needed to quit but I just couldn’t walk away from the money. Because I hated the job I didn’t perform well.

    It would have been better to have just walked out one day instead of getting fired.
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    • That’s a tough situation too, when the pay is too good to walk away. But if you’re not doing the job well because your’e miserable, well yeah, I can see them firing you. Sucks! But hey, at least it’s all over now.

    • That’s a good point about working for someone, not for the job. Yeah, it sucked that he didn’t have a fixed schedule, it would’ve made everyone happier.

  3. I remember a lot of satisfying job-quits when I was younger. My friend and I both worked for Sherri S. and we couldn’t stand her. We made fun of her when she was out of the office, and imitated her, cracking each other up. We even had to close the door to our office so we wouldn’t disrupt everyone else with all the loud hilarity. Anyway, my friend put a rolled-up resignation letter under the handle of Sherri’s desk phone and I was sitting there pretending to work while I watched Sherri pick it up and read it. That night I left my letter in the same place so that the next day Sherri would have a repeat experience. Too bad neither of us was there to watch her reaction, but we relished the thought, anyway.

    We should’ve just stayed; it was a cushy government job (very low-level), but there might not have been any room for advancement, so oh well. We were young and dumb and acted like middle-school students.
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    • It’s tough sometimes though, even if it’s a cushy job, when your boss is a jerk, your boss is just a jerk and you’ve gotta get out!

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  5. Dreadful.

    My father used to work the swing shift when he was a harbor pilot. They would rotate responsibility for the night-time shifts, so he’d be on a day shift for a while, then he’d be on the early night shift, then on the one that got him home around dawn.

    Any question why my parents’ idea of breakfast involved something called a Tom & Jerry?

    I kinda doubt ARAMCO (which actually was Standard Oil) would have pulled stunt like your boss did. The men were unionized, or if they weren’t they’d all been union men when they worked Stateside. You can bet they wouldn’t have put up with any such shenanigans.

    Good for you for walking off.
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