Justice is Served Up to a Restaurant

Justice is served!

There is a restaurant near where I live that got its water shut off once because they didn’t pay their water bill. The restaurant had to temporarily close and opened up again a couple days later when the water was put back on.

Same thing happened only a couple weeks later except with their electricity instead of water.

And then when the electricity was shut off, the water company shut off the water again for bill payment problems. And by “problems” I mean that the restaurant wasn’t paying their bills.

Justice is Served

Justice can be served with a healthy side salad and delicious pizza.

After this happened, the restaurant workers started picketing the place because many of them haven’t been getting paid. I guess for some of them, they hadn’t been paid in months (who would stay in a job where they weren’t getting paid for months? I think the word for that is slavery).

And then, the owner of the restaurant was evicted (the property belonged to someone else), which involved the police to make sure he took what was his, and nothing more. I’m not sure about the reasons for eviction — but let me guess… lack of rent payment??

So, why am I telling you about this restaurant getting shut down?

Because in my very first ever blog post (awww, the memories), I told the story of when I did a snow plow job for a local business. Short story even shorter, after I plowed the restaurant’s parking lot, the owner wouldn’t pay me because he said I didn’t do it right. I got a little bit of revenge (which you’ll have to read the story to hear), but all I could really do was shrug the thing off and know not to plow for that guy again.

And wouldn’t you know? The same restaurant owner that stiffed me for plowing his parking lot is the same restaurant owner that just got closed down for not paying bills and employees!

How’s that for justice being served?!

Note: I’d say it sucks for the employees that now have to find new jobs, but it sounds like a lot of them weren’t getting paid anyway!


Justice is Served Up to a Restaurant — 27 Comments

  1. I can’t believe they stayed working there….I might give leaway if the owners said they’d be late and gave me a specific date that they would be paying me but I’d already be looking for a job. Especially if the restaurant wasn’t paying their bills. That to me just seems like a big neon sign saying “GET OUT”
    bogofdebt recently posted..SickMy Profile

    • That’s a good point — maybe they stayed because if they left then they definitley wouldn’t get their money. Sucks though. I loved the revenge I got on him, too :-)

  2. When I worked on a farm, my boss made a math error and asked me to not cash my paycheck until after the weekend because there weren’t the funds in the bank account at the moment. Whenever I tell that story, people get indignant on my behalf, but it was an honest mistake and he was a great boss. Besides, I didn’t actually need the money in those next three days. If I had needed it, he would have driven the 30 miles to the bank to move some funds out of his personal account back into the business account.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..Trying to Get a Raise is OverratedMy Profile

    • I think that’s a pretty stand-up thing to do for your boss. If he’s a nice guy and just made an honest mistake, then there’s no need to be a douche.

  3. What goes around comes around. Hope the guy’s creditors take him to the cleaners.

    It’s amazing the garbage people will put up with on the job. And in the restaurant industry it’s especially amazing, because if you’re good at waiting tables or as a cook, you can always get another job.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Exercise: To pay or not to pay?My Profile

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  6. That’s some serious karma at work there.

    Do you know how long the workers had been unpaid for? NPR has been doing profiles of Greek citizens over the last year or so, and they keep coming back to this one couple where the wife had worked for something like 7 months for a government contractor without being paid. Since the government contractor wasn’t being paid for its work, it couldn’t pay the workers. But everyone was still going to work. The wife wasn’t mad about it – she felt like she couldn’t get a job anywhere else, at least by working there was a chance she would one day get paid, and that in the mean time she kept busy and kept her skills current. Amazing, huh?
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..When It Makes Cents To Pay MoreMy Profile

    • For some things I know you can go to small claims court, but for bigger things like this, I think you have to get a lawyer and go through the whole process. Which, if you haven’t been getting paid, means you probably don’t have the money to hire a lawyer and go through the process. Sort of messed up!

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