It’s Time to Speak Up

Today I’m asking for reader thoughts and opinions. It’s your day to go balls to the wall and let me have it!

Not exactly the "Field of Dreams" quote, but close enough. And no, those girly little hands aren't mine

You’re the boss this time, so let it rip. What kind of stuff do you want to see written about on Blue Collar Workman? Here’s some questions to get the juices flowin’, but don’t let me hold you back.

Do you like posts about what blue collar guys go through on the job? (ie, dealing with bosses, salary, tenants, messes people make, etc) Here’s an example of that.

Do you like tips on how to deal with blue collar guys? (ie, why do construction workers holler at chicks? How can I make sure I’m not getting ripped off when having work done?) Here’s an example of that.

Do you like tips on how to DIY at home? (ie, how to build a deck in 10 steps, how to put in a fireplace in 15 steps, how to re-do your bathroom from the ground up)

Do you want to hear about the best tools to buy? (ie, best hammer/screw driver/paint for your money) Or the best stores to buy tools from? (ie, Sears, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, local)

Do you like hearing about how a blue collar guy handles finances and family/children? Here’s an example of that.

Do you want to start hearing my opinion on politics or social stuff from the blue collar view?

Any interest in some guest posts from my wife or children to hear what they think about being stuck with a blue collar husband/dad?

Get your blue collar creativity flowing and guest post your experience(s)!
I recently had my very first guest post, What You Don’t See Does Matter,  over at 101 Centavos, which was totally awesome by the way, and so heads up —

Do you want to guest post on Blue Collar Workman?  You don’t have to be a blue collar dude or chick, I will accept stories or lessons learned from dealing with blue collar workers (ie, getting your car repaired, getting your kitchen re-done, having the apartment maintenance man fix your place, being yelled at by construction workers), or from doing other physical/manual labor jobs that maybe aren’t exactly blue collar but are close enough (waitress, stockboy, grocery bagger, valet, parks maintenance).

Leave a comment or email me ( and speak out about what you want to see (or don’t). You’ve got my attention dudes.



It’s Time to Speak Up — 10 Comments

  1. Moi, I enjoy your posts. Your perspective is interesting and you’ve had some amazing experiences.

    Pretty much all of the above would be good. To my mind, the PF niche has become so crowded that the subjects most of us cover have gotten pretty darn ,stale…how many ways can you say “get out of debt, budget work hard, and save your money?” I much prefer to read the kinds of things you’ve written: unique personal viewpoints on how we deal with Life, the Universe, and All That, financial or otherwise.

    LOL! Being yelled at by workmen…thank GOD I’m old now! Right at about the age of 40, men stopped doing that. Silence is golden, guys. 😉
    Funny about Money recently posted..The Workman Waltz: Angie’s DanceMy Profile

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