Is Your Family Time For Sale?

“Black Friday” is coming up and you know what? I just feel like corporate America is killing families.

ThanksgivingThere are these advertisements for shopping after Thanksgiving – but it’s not even just Friday that’s bombarded with ads anymore, it’s Thanksgiving itself!

At first stores opened early on Friday (5 a.m. early bird sale!), then that got pushed back (3 a.m. black Friday sale!), and then that got pushed even further back (midnight door busters sale!). And now I see ads for stores opening up on Thanksgiving itself (get to the holiday sales early!).

What happened to family? What happened to taking a break and not working and not buying? What happened to Thanksgiving touch football with the family? Just being with your family and being thankful. What happened?

Now people are being asked to work on Thanksgiving?

I hate corporate America more every year, and now when I see ads for sales on actual Thanksgiving, I feel like they’re crossing a line, man.  They’re boldly crossing into family time, with no regard for the families of the employees that they’re forcing to come to work!

Stay home this Thanksgiving. Be with your family, your friends, and your animals. Don’t go to stores on Thanksgiving and show corporate America that they can’t kill our families with sales!


Why not try supporting Local Business Saturday?


Is Your Family Time For Sale? — 28 Comments

  1. I agree with all of this – and also, how about not shopping so much in general and being consumeristic drones buying and buying and buying?! We all have too much stuff. Stuff doesn’t make anyone happy. Not the level of stuff too many people are addicted to buying and hoarding, anyway.
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    • Exactly! We cant’ seem to help shopping more and more these days! It sucks! And we all get told all the time how it won’t make us happy. But there we are, buying more junk anyways!

  2. When you think about how people are being trampled because of the shopping frenzy it’s almost like corporate America is killing families :0( I’ve heard some large stores are thinking about closing their doors for Thanksgiving in the future, so their employees won’t have to make the hard decision to either spend time with family or go to work. There are tons of fun things I can do this weekend at home :0) Even if I did want to buy something, that’s what cyber Monday is for 😀 I can do all the shopping behind a computer, without having to deal with the crowd.
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    • That actually sounds okay, man. Family was long asleep, and you had a directed purchase in mind. Seems like the best, and only, way to do Black Friday.

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  4. I’ve done the Black Friday shopping thing in the past, but it was always well-planned and it was always when the kids and their dad had something they wanted to do together. During those years, that day made a difference because there were lots of things going on that made it nearly impossible to find another whole shopping day. Over the past four years I was working in an area that had a lot of shopping districts nearby, so I could shop during my lunch hour, and by Black Friday half of it was done. This year I was working that day, and I work right downtown with very little opportunity for shopping (Mobile AL’s downtown is mostly offices and restaurants, not too many shops); but we made sure we didn’t load up our December calendar too much so we can get it all done. For us it was always about the availability of time otherwise, not so much about the “deals.” I didn’t get up before dawn, and I didn’t do battle with other shoppers. You nailed it, it’s all about the quality of life and knowing what contributes to it.
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  5. We do the black Friday thing….but our oldest daughter plans our moves, we meet here in the city, (40 mile away) and off we go, some years I have stood in line while wife and her gather things…other years we go to the not so busy store s first, then around 10 we call our other son and he and his wife meet us for breakfast/lunch sometimes our other daughter and husband will be in town as well….then after noon I head home after a stop at the comic shop and the wife and daughter spend the afternoon together….yesterday was no different than the past, good times great fun….oh, most of the time we are not looking for the “door busters” stuff, just shopping and enjoying time together…. Then also being a carpenter, in the past I have worked lots of those Fridays….

    • Someone else made that comment too, about Black Friday being a family tradition. I guess that makes sense that some people spend time with their family that way — I’d never thought of it that way.

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