How to Treat Your Garbage Man

I had a job to do not long ago where I had to park my truck in the street. It was a quiet neighborhood and the job was easy (although it did take a lot of time), so it was a good day.

It’s garbage day, dudes. How do you treat your garbage man?

I noticed that it was garbage day because everyone had their trash cans out and I could see the garbage man coming down the street in a garbage truck. I could tell that my truck was parked in the way of the garbage man being able to get to the garbage cans of this one home, so I moved the garbage cans down next to the street (where everyone else’s were).

The garbage truck has this arm that comes out of the truck and grabs the garbage cans and puts the garbage in the truck for them. I think that’s nice for them because they have probably the most shit*y job out there.

But the lady whose garbage cans I moved came flying out of her house, “You can’t do that! Make him do his job! I’ve had nothing but problems from this guy.”

I asked her if she knew how hard his job was and that he picks up her garbage every week. Does she care at all about him?

She said, “I do care, but he never does his job, he drives up on the driveway every time.”

I didn’t argue with her anymore, but I should have said that he drives up on her driveway a little bit because she puts her garbage cans up on the sidewalk and not near the street where his truck can get to them!

I ran back to where the garbage man was and told him that I tried to move the cans in the street, but this lady came flying out of her house and told me not to. He said that he knows about that lady and that she’s a nutbag. He said, “All she does is watch us and it’s like she waits for us so she can complain. She complains about me every time I pick up her trash. My supervisor doesn’t know what to do anymore, his supervisor doesn’t know what to do anymore…”

I think some people should invest their time better than trying to make a working man’s job more difficult. What’s the point of creating problems like that? Why can’t she plant a garden or something?


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  1. There are bitter people out there who are angry at everyone. Anyone who works around the general public is bound to come into contact with them. I’m glad I don’t work with the public; I bet my optimistic faith in humanity would be reduced.

    • haha, it would be a little bit for sure. But working with the public sometimes shows how nice people can be. Guess it depends how you work with the public!

  2. Unfortunately some people just have mental health problems where they feel the need to abuse people like that. It’s pretty shitty to be on the receiving end of it though. There’s not much the garbage man can do about it. Even people without major mental issues do tend to abuse the working class unnecessarily. For some reason they just aren’t willing to themselves in their shoes and appreciate the work they do. I guess some of it may have to do with traditional class based stuff and how they think working people are somehow below them.
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    • Man, I couldn’t agree more. I never really thought about mental health problems where someone would feel the need to abuse, but man, you might be right. I always feel like we should all try to be kind to everyone, no matter what job they have, but I guess that’s hard for people to do sometimes!

  3. Why?? The very question I’ve spent half the morning asking myself.

    Because she is stupid. We are surrounded by stupid people. On the entire planet, there are about two dozen of us who are not stupid. We have to put up with all the rest of them. That, evidently, is why. 😯
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  5. Wow, this lady sounds like a treat – his job is not to go out of his way to cater to her just because she won’t cooperate. What a psycho. It’s an extremely dangerous job, too! Like, people throwing away broken glass and all sorts of things.
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    • I didn’t think about the job being dangerous from broken glass and stuff. You’re right, that makes the case for treating them well even bigger!

  6. I have found that wooing your garbage man with beef jerky and chocolates at Christmas time will make him do wonderful things for you… like go out of his way to back up and get your garbage as you chase him down the street in your bunny slippers because you forgot to put the can out.

    I’ve worked in customer service and 1 bad customer can cancel out 500 good ones. We all have bad days, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it. Remember the golden rule.
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  7. Judging from all the above comments, there sure are a lot of nut bags out there for sure. I have a neighbor who sweeps the stuff on the street to my side of the street. She piles up walls of boxes, cinder blocks, and sticks along the street. One day my son parked in front of her house and she drove her car into his truck and blocked in his truck with sticks. We called the cops and they made her move the sticks – even though of course, the truck would have made short work of the sticks. She gets mad if the garbage man takes the boxes !!!! She is odd indeed!!

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  9. What a piece of work …

    They always say that the measure of a man is not how he treats his superiors, but his subordinates. Also, that you need to be nice to receptionists, because they hold a lot of sway.

    I’d like to think I’m always polite to everyone – taxi drivers, checkout supervisors, takeaway shop owners. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to a garbage truck driver, though.
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    • I agree! I think I’m nice to everyone too, because really these are the people that keep the world moving! When workers go on strike, it’s easy to notice the difference; I wonder if anyone would even notice if a politician went on strike πŸ˜‰

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