How I Quit Smoking

Thinking of quitting smoking being your New Year’s Resolution this year? Well then dudes, check this out. – oh and dudes, I’m not getting paid to say this stuff, although payment would be nice (hint hint, big pill company).

Back in early highschool, I did what any cool kid would do – I started smoking. I hated them for about a month. But then I loved them and was addicted. And I looked damn cool.

Smoking Ashtray and MatchesAfter my first daughter was born, but before she would start remembering things, I decided that I needed to quit smoking. I knew it wasn’t good for me, I wanted to be around to watch her grow up, and most importantly, I didn’t want her to start smoking because she saw me doing it.

Oh, and once you’re all grown up, it doesn’t look cool anymore.

I tried to go cold turkey, because I’m a tough guy and don’t need any help. That didn’t work.

I tried being “smart” about it and slowly smoking less over time. That didn’t work so well either.

So I asked my doctor (I almost sound like a commercial) and he prescribed me this pill, Chantix. I took it for one day, decided it didn’t work, and was smoking again.

Finally I went back to my doctor and he prescribed me the same pill again. And he said that this time I had to “not be stupid” (his words!) and keep taking it. He said that I could keep smoking normally and just take 3 of these pills a day (morning, afternoon, evening), and magically, they would work.

Yeah whatever, doc.

I think I was 3 or 4 days into taking this pill when I bought a fresh, new pack of Parliament Lights. Man, I loved Parliament Lights. It had that new pack smell and everything. I lit up one of those ciggies, and dudes, I almost barfed everywhere.

I suddenly couldn’t stand the taste anymore. That cigarette was the most disgusting tasting thing ever! I only took one drag and threw it away. I crunched the Parliament Light pack in my hand, and said I was done.

I stopped taking the pill then too. I was done and that pill did what they were supposed to. I never wanted to smoke again, I was done.

Quit Smoking AshtrayI gave the rest of the pills to my brother-in-law, but I don’t think he ever took them.

Anyone who says those pills don’t work for them either weren’t taking them right (like I did the first time) or are looking for excuses. The side effects are supposed to be bad dreams, suicidal thoughts…I had some goofy dreams, but a few nights of bad dreams are worth it for a lifetime of no more smoking! Probably one dude out there had a suicidal thought on those pills, and I bet the company has to make the “suicidal thoughts” disclaimer to cover their as*es, but honestly dudes, no one is going to ice themselves on these pills.

You need a doctor’s prescription to get them. Without an insurance policy, I had to pay $150 out of pocket for them, but it was worth it. I just paid it. With the amount I used to spend on my Parliament Lights, $150 for a bottle of pills to quit was worth it.

3 months later I went back to the doctor and told him that the pills worked and it was amazing. He said, “Yep, if you follow it right, it works…people only come back for more pills because they don’t follow the directions right.”

Smokers take breaks on the job to smoke, and so I still take little breaks. Not to smoke though. I read a blog or two on my phone, or just sit and relax. Don’t need to smoke to take a little “smoke break” now and then.

And dudes, as an adult, there’s nothing cooler than telling people that I don’t smoke anymore.


How I Quit Smoking — 30 Comments

  1. I tried to be cool for about ten minutes back when I was 17 but it did not take…… I’m glad… of the biggest reasons is my dad smoked and every day he would wake up and cough and cough and cough and I would hear it and then we would go out to the cow barn to work and I would think I do not want to get involved in that and have never except for the couple days I thought I looked cool with them….a little poem or something my dad always said has stuck with me all these years, ( he has been gone now for 35 years and the night he died he said to me as he lit up, these things have killed me) ………..
    Tobacco is a sinful weed for the devil sowed its seed, taints you breath, stains your clothes and makes a smoke stack of your nose…….

  2. Good for you! I also started smoking in high school, so I could be ‘cool’. And it was cool back then; everybody smoked. When I became an adult, it wasn’t cool anymore, and I was eager to quit. I finally accomplished that, albeit after so many years. Still, it’s done. It’ll be seven years this coming February since I quit smoking, and I haven’t touched a cigarette since. Best thing I ever did!
    Plowing Through Life (Martha) recently posted..Please Remember The Less FortunateMy Profile

  3. Congrats on quitting! I took Chantix for about 3 months and never was able to quit – it made the cigarettes taste a little different, but it didn’t make me sick like it does for a lot of people. I always wished it would have – I really think I could drop the addiction if I felt pukey every time I smoked. I might give it another try at some point; maybe now it would have a better effect.

  4. I used to smoke, too, and I successfully quit using the nicotine patch. There were enough disincentives in place already that made it difficult for me to stick a cigarette in my mouth (no smoking in restaurants, bars, offices, or pretty much anywhere certainly made a difference!). I did need help with the nicotine addiction, though, and “the patch” really helped with that.
    Linda recently posted..The dark daysMy Profile

  5. Good job on quitting. I know it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s been years since I had a smoke. Every now and then I have to fight the urge especially when I have a beer or two, and I also feel so much better withouth them.

  6. Congratulations. My grandmother died of lung cancer 18 years ago next month.

    My father smoked in high school, but my mother has breathing problems exacerbated by smoke. At first he switched to pipes and only smoked when he was at work. Eventually, he stopped smoking even that. He’s been tobacco-free for about 25 years now.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..We Got Outta Debt: Book ReviewMy Profile

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