How Are Things Really Going?

I have a cousin who was telling me the other day about how unhappy she is at her job. The company watches everyone closely and is stingy with sick and vacation time. I guess she thinks her boss is a tool, too.

So she hates her job, she’s not happy with her boyfriend, and I know that she hates where she lives. I told her to find a new job, dump the dude, and move.

But the point I wanted to make for you dudes is this. When I was talking on the phone with her, I was taking a break on a job site and looked out the window. Here’s what I saw:

Homeless man

Things don’t seem so bad when you think about someone who is homeless and cold on the street. Begging for a buck to get a sandwich. People ignoring him.

The next time you think you’re doing pretty bad, ask yourself how you’re really doing.

Not homeless? Then you’re okay.

Have someone who cares about you? Then you’re okay.

Have a job? Then you’re okay.

Have a roof over your head? Then you’re okay.

Point is, dudes, there’s always things that suck, but you’re probably more okay than you think.


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  1. Damn right! Why do things have to go wrong to appreciate the ordinary. I know it’s depressing but when people die we miss them like crazy, but when they were around we took them for granted. Life is a gift! Enjoy it!

    Thoroughly boosted after reading this… Off to save the world.
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  2. I think this is you best post to date. The Jewish Passover begins in 20 days. During the Seder Supper, they sing a 15-stanza song called “Dayenu,” which translates to “It is enough.” As Jean Vanier told the story about his 94-year old grandmother, it is to give thanks for what we have instead of weeping over what we have not. You can read more on my understanding and application of “Dayenu” at Shalom, dude!
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  3. Well said….So many folks complain about things when their plight isn’t really so bad. As for your cousin, your spot on. I will tell you time moves quickly. If your not happy…get happy…life is short!

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  5. It’s all about perspective. No matter how bad your situation is, there’s always somebody who is worse. Sometimes when life seems like it’s handing you crap on a minute by minute basis, it’s worth your time to take a few minutes and reflect on how much worse it could really be! But, if your life resembles a traditional “country” song, you might have bigger problems you need to fix 😀
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  6. Well, yes, it can always be worse. Even that guy sitting on the street is at least sitting in a first world country where he can stumble into an emergency room and get treated after (a very long) wait. I think it’s important to keep perspective and count your blessings, but that’s not a reason to not fight for a better job, a better relationship, or a better life.
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