Hopped Up On Pain Meds

I was on this expressway coming back from a job site. I stopped to get a slurpee and got back in the work van and on the expressway.

Slurpees: The dreaded accident maker.

Well, the guy in front of me didn’t have either of his break lights working. So I turn my head for a second to drink some slurpee and when I look up, I’m in his rear end.

I was in this state of shock. I didn’t know what happened, I was so out of it. The front of the work van was completely smashed in.

The guy pulled over and came to my car and asked if I was allright. I said “yeah.” He asked for my license and insurance information. Man, I didn’t know what was going on. I was so out of it. I handed him those things and he went back to his car with them.

The pain meds have made my mind hazy and googly. I can’t think straight, dudes.

I was just sitting in the car, just shocked, I don’t know. He came back and gave me my cards back, asked if I was okay again, and then drove off.

I have no information on him. No idea who he was.

I don’t have any broken bones or anything, but I hurt everywhere. When my wife made me go to the ER, they gave me pills to take and man, am I hopped up on pain meds right now.

My direct boss sounded concerned when I called, but the company president is pissed I think. You have to get a doctor’s “okay” to go back on the job after an accident, so I think he doesn’t like the work stoppage.

I don’t know whether I’m out of it from the accident or from the pills. My wife’s glaring at me. She wants me to rest.

Careful on the roads guys, I’ve had lots of problems on the road (there was this story, and this one, and sort of this one).


Photo credits: Googly Mind and Slurpees.



Hopped Up On Pain Meds — 18 Comments

  1. Damn that sucks man. Well rest up and don’t worry about your boss right now. Focus on feeling better and deal with that crap later. There are a ton of bad drivers out there and people who don’t properly maintain their vehicles. It sucks that those kind of people put good people in this kind of situation.
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  2. Glad you’re in one piece. Too bad you didn’t get the guy’s information…but your insurance company soon will. Even though you’re still at fault, in insurance-think, for rear-ending him, it might be helpful to tell your insurance adjuster that both his tail lights were out.
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