Here’s To a Drama-Free Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is a cool time. And at my house, we’ve got our traditions. Such as…

(1) Decorating my house as much as I can like Clark Griswold’s.

(2) Putting out the elf on a shelf.

(3) Putting up a real tree and decorating the hell out of it.

Merry ChristmasBut you know what? I’m flexible. When my kids come up with new ideas or things they want to do, it’s cool. Traditions are only good when they’re fun and people have a good time.

What always bugs me about Christmas is that everyone thinks they’re the boss. They’re idea is the best. Their ideas on Christmas and how to invite people to different things and how to give out presents…

I think on Christmas that true family knows where to go and doesn’t need fancy invitations, because they go the same place every year.

Family really shouldn’t argue about anything during Christmas. Family that argues during Christmas is the family that doesn’t talk to each other during the year, or they have very little contact. And so on Christmas they start arguing about senseless things.

Christmas should be happy and joyous!

So I made a pact with myself and my wife this year. We’re going to go with the flow during holiday festivities this year. We’re not going to get involved in the drama, and just be happy and thankful for our family.

Here’s to a drama-free Christmas, everyone! Merry Christmas!


Here’s To a Drama-Free Christmas — 3 Comments

  1. Merry Christmas, Blue Collar Workman! I couldn’t agree with you more. Families that are close don’t need all the posturing during the holidays, and they don’t have the need to argue. I am blessed with a family that gets along, and our gatherings are informal, and sometimes planned at the last minute. But we don’t care. We are a family. We loved each other. That’s all that matters. Have a wonderful – and drama-free – time with your loved ones. Go with the flow and enjoy!
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  2. We actually had a drama free Christmas as well. I think everyone is pretty tired of the trauma and drama…or maybe we just are getting too old to gripe about every little thing. Merry Christmas TB…I love your blog.

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