Write for Blue Collar Workman

Are you a blue collar guy or gal and have your own job-related story to tell? Maybe you’re not blue collar but have dealt with contractors, workers, construction workers, or any other blue Team members onlycollar type of person — want to tell what happened? Then you can guest post for Blue Collar Workman!

Contact me, TB, at bluecollarworkman1 [at] gmail.com with your story idea or with the whole thing already written (send photos if you’ve got any for the story!), and I’ll let you know if I can use it. I know it’s hard sometimes, but try not to use curse words in your tale.

I’m sorry that I can’t pay for any stories, but I can give you eternal fame by posting your story on my blog. You’ll get a byline and your photo (if you want), and I’ll even include links to your own website (if you have one), Twitter handle, Facebook page, your spouse’s website, your kid’s Etsy page, your best friend’s blog……

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