Getting Fired From my Job to go on Unemployment

There are good reasons to get myself fired and go on unemployment—-namely, ethics and health insurance.

Back when our little recession was in full swing, I was let go from an interior construction job. That job paid really good and had reasonably-priced health insurance offered. I miss that job!


Is getting fired intentionally to go on unemployment more or less ethical than being asked to lie to homeowners?

After getting fired, my wife, daughters, and I started getting unemployment and went on state-aid health insurance. Neither was as good as what I had with that job, but we could get by just fine.

I did finally get a job and it’s where I’m still working today. It pays half as much as that interior construction job and they offered no health insurance. But, it was a little more money than what we got on unemployment and since the new company didn’t offer health insurance, we could still be on state aid.

The Health Insurance Problem

Everything was fine until recently my job decided to offer us health insurance. After taxes I make about $2000 a month and the health insurance they have offered costs about $1200/month….with a $5000 deductible. Pretty stupid, right? But since they’re offering insurance, in a couple weeks my wife and I lose our state aid. Our daughters stay on state aid because they’re minors, but my wife and I will have no insurance anymore because we can’t afford the crazy option my company has offered.

Health insurance... it ain't cheap

The Ethics Problem

The other half of the story is that my boss and the company I work for has been asking me more and more to lie to clients.  When I call them on it, they sort of get wishy washy and ignore that I’ve questioned them, and repeat that I need to deceive these clients.

The kind of fibs they’re asking me to do are like this:  Someone in my company went to this house recently and did a bad job tuckpointing. The house had a leaking problem due to this shoddy job. I didn’t know that we had been the ones who did the work and so while working on fixing the leak, I told the homeowner that the entire place needed new tuckpointing. My boss was really angry that I’d done that because it “implied we didn’t do exemplary service” or whatever.

Be kind. Treat others how you want to be treated.

I don’t like lying to homeowners especially because it’s their home, man! People don’t trust fix-it guys and my company is why! They want me to lie about needing certain things done, they sometimes want me to cut corners (which leads to bad things down the road for the homeowner!). I just can’t be deceiving tenants and homeowners like that, it’s where they live and sleep! I always want to do the best job I can in the most complete and fair way possible, but my boss(es) are asking me not to (now more than ever).

Whatever happened to treating others how you want to be treated?

Get Fired?

And so I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting myself fired. Then I’m not being pushed into lying to people about their homes and then I can get state aid insurance again (and unemployment and food stamps). Unemployment will pay us less than my now $2K/month salary, but we’ll still get by just fine. We have no credit card debt, no car loans, no student loans, and just a mortgage that will be paid off in 7 years. They don’t let you stay on unemployment forever, but by the time they pull it from us, I could be back to work. Well, maybe not. Probably should line something else up before getting fired.

The ethics and health insurance issues with this company are killing me!

What do you think? Am I crazy for thinking about getting fired?

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As a side note, I’m officially announcing that I’ve joined the Yakezie Challenge! Thanks to Chris at This That and the MBA for suggesting it and to the Financial Samurai for starting the whole thing.

I’d seen the logos on people’s sites and when I finally figured out what it was, my holdup to joining was that I couldn’t figure out how to get the freaking logo on my sidebar! (pitfalls of being a new blogger I guess — Andrea at Curiosity Killed the Blog might be coming up with a post to answer that question if anyone else doesn’t know!)

My alexa score was 2.2 million when I started, is 719K now, and hopefully in 6 months I’ll finish the challenge at under 200K!


Getting Fired From my Job to go on Unemployment — 13 Comments

  1. Yikes. A better environment would definitely help rectify some of this. However, I have concerns with getting fired. People talk and your reputation could go down the drain and prevent you from getting another job. Also, jobs are a commodity these days. Cuts are happening left right and centre. I would think long and hard about the long term before doing anything.

    I understand the ethics thing though. You need to be able to sleep at night and there is a price to do the right thing sometimes. Just be careful, that’s all.
    Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter recently posted..The Lowdown on Vitamins and Minerals and Why You Need ThemMy Profile

  2. That sucks that your company pulls that kind of stuff. I hate working at jobs where they’re doing unethical stuff. It’s a sure way to kill employee and motivation and just feed the cycle of incompetence. I’d say just do everything you can to find a new job asap. It always seems easier to find work opportunities while you still have a job. You can go into interviews with so much less pressure and you can be more choosy.

  3. Hate to say it TB, but most places are unethical one way or another. Is there a way you can suggest to clients what needs to be done?? In other words, is it possible for them to “ask the right question” then you can cover yourself with your company?? AND do the right thing because the client “knows” what is going on…does that make sense?? As for health insurance, I know I am going to get a lot of flak from others, but America needs to take care of its; own…and I don’t mean increasing the military budget, I mean if we can build a massive military, we can take of ours. PLUS…you better believe every politician will NEVER have to worry like you are right now about your families healthcare. Thanks for letting me vent!!

  4. Years ago I had a friend that had a falling out with an employer. At the end of it all, she was offered the “opportunity” to resign instead being fired. She thought it would look better to future employers to resign. But all this did was prevent her from getting unemployment. The other thing is that it makes it harder to bring a wrongful termination suit.
    Richard recently posted..Audible Brings Books Alive for Book LoversMy Profile

  5. Honestly, I just hare it when unscrupulous business owners deceive customers and put their employees at risk of losing their jobs. You have my condolences. Should you quit? Yes! Should you get yourself fired? Not so fast with that one. Instead, I would prefer that you see if you can contract your skills to other businesses in your market, and try to negotiate an ongoing fee for your services. Just my thoughts.
    Anthony Thompson recently posted..Self Manager – 4 Suggestions for Keeping Your Mind Healthy and SharpMy Profile

  6. Damn thanks for the shoutout!!!! I see why they get a bad name now. It is a shame because we hire professionals because we generally do not know or cant do the work ourselves. When we get shoddy service every repairman from then on out is going to get tough scrutiny. One bad egg ruins it for them all. I hope your employer doesnt read your site or you are logging on at work and they can see your site history!!

    Congrats on joining!!!
    Christopher @ This That and The MBA recently posted..Bookmark Some Sites & Start Saving MoneyMy Profile

    • Thanks! No, we don’t have computers at work for us guys who go to job sites, I’m either on my phone or home computer!

  7. Well, you are definitely being tested! if they ask you to be deceitful again, I’d suggest that you tell them that you have a real problem with that and that you won’t do it. If they fire you, at least you’re prepared for it. Perhaps your example will be an encouragement to others. I wish you the best!
    Rich@Money Wise Pastor recently posted..10 Costly Money Mistakes to AvoidMy Profile

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  9. Do you have many contacts in the construction world? My brother-in-law used to work for an upscale builder but consequently lost his job to a poor economy. He went back to school but started working during the night doing office building remodels, etc. under the table.

    About a year later he is doing so well that he’s decided to become full boar legit.

    Also, despite working for cash he paid his taxes to the IRS because that’s not a can of worms you want to open.

    Best of luck to you!

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