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After getting my $1/hr raise, I was going to wait a few months before going in and asking for the rest of my $3/hr raise that I was promised.  But I didn’t wait. I talked with the president.

Believe it or not, I hammered out a deal where I get $31/hr when I’m on welding jobs (I get $21/hr when I do regular work). Of course, the more you make, the more the government takes…which will piss me off when my first paycheck comes, but still!  I got myself another raise!  And it’s a $10/hr raise for when I’m doing welding work!  I feel so lucky and grateful!  I’m so glad I brought it up again!

My money is making new friends

What happened was, there’s a pecking order in the company and a pecking order for when you ask for a raise, need a new tool, or things of that nature. But when the pecking order doesn’t work and your first boss says “yeah yeah” when you ask for a raise, and his boss says, “yeah yeah” when you ask or gives you another buck an hour, it seems like you got to jump to the top of the pecking order.

When I went to the company president and mentioned the raise, he said that “we’ve been tossing around the idea of paying you more when you weld.” I suggested $31/hr and after some “um”s and “ah”s, the president said, “you’ve gotten us a lot of business with your welding.  We can bid for welding jobs now because of you…. and so we’ll bid out $10/hr extra when we bid for the welding jobs.”

Tomorrow I start my first welding job at the new rate of $31/hr.  It feels so good getting paid more in the range where I should.  It’s still a lot less then when I worked for the union, but it’s more than what I was making a couple weeks ago ($20/hr)!  I’ll still have to do regular work which will get me $21/hr, but the extra money for welding will be awesome.

So what about you— do you want a raise?  Will you ask for it?  How will you negotiate? Scared to ask for a raise in this economy?

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  1. Congrats man! I hope you get lots of welding work. Seems like the president at least appreciate your talents. As for me I got a measly raise at the first of the year. Times are tough, blah, blah, blah was the excuse we all got.
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    • Thanks man, it’s great and I even got ’employee of the month’ last friday! It’s definitely cool to be appreciated. Sorry your raise wasn’t so much, but keep trying and maybe you’ll get more next year!

    • Thanks, I’m pretty excited! I remember your blog post when you wondered if you were being compensated enough — good luck in negotiating more pay!

  2. In most companies the thought of asking for a raise is out of the question. It is awesome that you are in a company that provides this opportunity. Kudos on the raise.

  3. That’s awesome you had the courage to go straight to the top!

    My only concern is that I hope your immediate boss doesn’t get upset with you. It is certainly important to take things into your own hands, but it’s frowned upon at the large companies.

    I think you can get away with it at a smaller company, but just something to watch out for if you’re working at a BIG place.

    Is most of your time spent welding? Or at least a decent portion?
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    • So far my immediate boss seems fine, I’m not even sure he knows at this point. But you’re right, it could make for some tension… we’ll just have to wait and see…

    • It sure does pay off! Just so long as you walk in there with a number in your head of the raise you think you deserve, and why you think you deserve it, and lotta confidence! :-) And of course you have to be willing to negotiate (happily I didn’t really have to).

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